Painted Whiskerpillar

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This article is inspired by unused content in one of the official games. To learn more about its origins, see here.
Painted Whiskerpillar The icon used to represent this enemy.
P3 Painted Whiskerpillar.png
Appearance in Pikmin 3's files.
Family Whiskerpillar (assumed)

The Painted Whiskerpillar is a member of the whiskerpillar family found in the files of Pikmin 3. It is a small, but decently-sized, caterpillar-like creature that, unless its texture mapping is incorrect, is mostly purple in color besides its orange underbelly, the orange stripe on its back, its green eyes, black nose, and bent, green and brown antennae. It emerges from the ground and then lurches around to explore a small area surrounding its initial burrowing spot, but, upon seeing Pikmin or leaders, becomes alarmed and then rushes quickly to its initial location, where it burrows into the ground again. After being left alone for some time, it will reemerge and repeat the cycle, although it may decide to stay underground completely until the coast is clear, or periodically cautiously poke its head out to survey the surrounding area while it hides, even while Pikmin or leaders are in sight. Placing a bait berry in the vicinity of a Painted Whiskerpillar will cause it to rush over to the berry and begin consuming it. While eating a bait berry, it will be momentarily distracted, causing it to temporarily ignore Pikmin and leaders until it notices them again or they harm it, in which case it will drop its berry and rush back to its hiding spot to hide. A Painted Whiskerpillar will continue eating bait berries, even after having consumed one. A Painted Whiskerpillar will occasionally drop a full blob of nectar upon death.

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