Pikmania Region

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Pikmania Region
Pikmania Region map.png
Hazards Wild Pikimon, Pikimon trainers

The Pikmania Region is the location explored during the events of Pikimon.

Awakening Wood

Awakening Wood is where the player's character has grown up, specifically Hocotate Village. The player's character's childhood friends, Olimar and Louie, also live here.

Route 1

This easy route has one turn.

The Distant Spring

This is the second place you'll visit. This area has many water-yielding Pikimon here, so Fire-Type Pikimon are a thorough "No" here.

Route 2

Like Route One, but has only has a slighter turn.

The Forest Navel

This area is dark, so HM Flash is very useful here. This area has all the enemies from Pikmin 1, too.

Route 4

Somewhat like Route 3, but has a lot more turns.

Pick Me Bridge

This bridge has Pikmin patterns engraved into the sides of it.

Wistful Wild

This is the fifth place you visit. this area has very hostile Pikimon here, so strong Pikimon are advised.

Route 5

This winding and twisting route has tough Pikimon, so make sure to level up your Pikimon!

Pikimon League

You need strong Pikimon to beat this. After you beat all four of the Pikimon League, you can challenge the Champion. After you beat the Champion, you are warped back to Awakening Wood.