Pikmin: Acid

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Pikmin: Acid
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Acid, a fanon game created by DonSueTheSpoofers.
Pikmin: Acid
Rating Unknown
Genre Unknown
Platforms Unknown
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Creator DonSueTheSpoofers

Pikmin: Acid is a fanon game created by DonSueTheSpoofers.


A strange space vessel leaking a toxic gas crashlands onto PNF-404. Several Pikmin come to investigate the foreign object and hope to meet a new leader, but none come out, and they are forced to flee because of the gas the capsule emits.

Some time afterward, Captain Olimar returns to the Distant Planet to pay a visit to visit his wonderful Pikmin. Unfortunately, however, the toxic gas destroys Olimar's fuel supply, stranding him on a more toxic PNF-404, and eventually from his ship.

Olimar follows a nearby path only to find a high cliff with a metal sheet and nuts. When he returns to his crash site, however, he sees a dark orange Pikmin investigating his wrecked ship, and upon being spotted, the Pikmin flees across a metal bridge Olimar had not noticed before. Olimar follows the Pikmin, finds the bridge is over a river of acid, and meets the Pikmin at its light brown Onion.