Pikmin: Arctic

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Pikmin: Arctic
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Arctic, a fanon game created by Pikpiks.
Pikmin: Arctic
Rating E10+ for mild fantasy violence and mild language
Genre Unknown
Platforms Nintendo Switch 2, WiiUPlay
Media N/A
Publisher Pikapik Games, Nintendo R&D
Release dates Late 2024
Prequel Pikmin 4
Sequel Pikmin: Dawnstorms
Creator Pikpiks

Pikmin: Arctic is a three-dimensional open-world Pikmin fangame made by Pikpiks. Pikpik carrots provide the playable character, Omega, and sometimes even his Pikmin, with various statistical improvements such as increased health and power. Experience points are also used to access content such as Pikmin powers and areas.

The Call of Darkness DLC can be purchased for $9.99 from the Nintendo eShop or with five million experience points in-game. It adds approximately twelve more hours of content to the game, including a new story and more areas, Pikmin, and bosses.


In a world of cold lands, a fifteen-year-old boy named Omega, an avid lover of Pikmin, must stop Avia, who wishes to destroy the Pikmin with an ice machine and has romantic feelings for Omega. Omega has an old book that has the power to rid the land of its winter but to use it he must discover every Pikmin type and slay the Eight Kings using them.




  • The Start
  • Blax Hills
  • Storming Wilds
  • Cave of Ice
  • Groinka Kingdom
  • Piles of the Sky
  • Volatile Land
  • The Last Oak
  • Wraith Den
  • Aiva City
  • Machine Room
  • The Book
  • Zap Cave (DLC)
  • A Breadstick (DLC)
  • Down Den (DLC)
  • Rocky Hills (DLC)
  • Dark Book (DLC)
  • Dark Arctic (DLC)
  • Space
  • The End


  • Emperor Bulblax
  • Stormy Blowhog
  • Ice Goolix
  • Powered-Up Groink
  • Big Arctic Shearwig
  • Titan Volatile Dweevil
  • Flaming Mamuta
  • Icewraith
  • Avia
  • Ice Machine
  • The Arctic
  • Zapped Long Legs (DLC)
  • Breadddddbug? (DLC)
  • Mitite Monster (DLC)
  • Rocky Waddlepus (DLC)
  • Book of Darkness (DLC)
  • The Darkmin (DLC)
  • The Star