Pikmin: Back in Action

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Back in Action
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Back in Action, a fanon game created by Alpo499.
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Olimar, Louie, and the President get back to Hocotate. After a few months, the Hocotate Field burns and everything is lost! To pay for the loss, the President takes out a debt of 15,000 Pokos.


This is for the 3DS and Wii (Or WiiU).

3DS Controls

  • D-Pad/Analog Stick - Moves Active Captain
  • A - Throws a Pikmin/Plucks a Pikmin/Attacks
  • B - Whistles
  • X - Disbands Pikmin
  • Y - Switches Active Captains
  • O START - Pause Menu
  • O SELECT - Lies down
  • L - Centers Camera
  • R - Focuses Camera
  • Stylus/Touch Screen - Swarms Pikmin

Wii Controls

  • D-Pad - Swarms Pikmin
  • A - Throws a Pikmin/Plucks a Pikmin/Attacks
  • B - Whistles
  • C - Disbands Pikmin
  • Z - Switches Active Captains
  • + - Pause Menu
  • - - Lies down
  • 1 - Centers Camera
  • 2 - Focuses Camera
  • Analog Stick - Moves Active Captain


Name Strength Mobility Throwing Height Immunity Special Ability
Red Pikmin x1.5 x1 x1 Fire Can Blow out Fires if a Pikmin is ablaze
Yellow Pikmin x1 x1 x1.5 Electric Can Discharge Electricity if a Pikmin is electrified
Blue Pikmin x1 x1 x1 Water Can save drowning Pikmin
Purple Pikmin x10 x.25 x.25 Nothing Can carry 10 times the normal Pikmin.
White Pikmin x1 x1.5 x1 Poison Can see Undergroud Treasures and when eaten, instantly kill the enemy.
Orange Pikmin x1.75 x.75 x1 Explosions, Being Crushed Can save any Pikmin from being crushed or exploded
Green Pikmin x1 x.75 x1 Acid Can fly for a short time and go farther
Black Pikmin x5 x.75 x1 N/A Their eyes light dark places a little more.
Borbmin x1 x1 x1 Everything Are immune to everything
Bearmin x1 x1.5 x1 Everything Are immune to everything
Wogmin x1.5 x1 x1 Everything Are immune to everything
Hogmin x1 x1 x1.5 Everything Are immune to everything


Name Strength Defense Speed Throwing Speed HP
Olimar x1.5 x1 x1 x1 1000
Louie x1 x1.5 x1 x1 1000
Sagittarius x1 x1 x1.75 x1 750
Libra x1 x1 x1 x1.75 750
The President x1.5 x1.5 x.75 x.75 2000


  • If the text is RED, then they are on the Pikmin Planet.
  • If the text is YELLOW, then they are on the Borbmin Planet.
  • If the text is BLACK, then they are on Planet Hocotate.
Area Name Treasures Caves/Trees Extra Info
Dark Cavern 5 3 N/A
Distant Pool 10 4 N/A
Flat Plain 7 3 N/A
Forest of Awakening 8 4 N/A
Forest Navel 9 N/A N/A
Hazy Swamp 7 4 N/A
Hocotate Field N/A N/A You can sell Treasures there for Pokos. Much like the stock market.
Hocotate Mall N/A N/A You can buy items there for Pokos. Check the Items section for what they sell.
Hocotate Neighborhood N/A N/A You can get Item Tasks from Neighbors and get Pokos.
Murky Forest 7 4 N/A
Valley of Impact 2 3 N/A
Wistful Trial 1 3 N/A



Grub-Dog Name Areas Cave/Tree Areas Attacks Seed Worth Weight/Max. Carriers HP
Red Bulborb Flat Plain, Murky Forest, The Forest of Hope, Valley of Repose, Awakening Wood Bulborb Bonsai, Foggy Oak, Willow of Wonders, Tree of Terror Eats Pikmin 12 Seeds 10/20 750