Pikmin: Before the Impact (StefyG version)/Upgrade list

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Pikmin: Before the Impact (StefyG version)
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Before the Impact (StefyG version), a fanon game created by StefyG.

Upgrades, in Pikmin: Before the Impact, are powerups that are purched with experience points, also known as XP. Four different categories of upgrades exist.


Glove upgrades affect actions that are done using hands.

  • Power Up: improves the damage of punches.
  • Pluck Speed: improves the speed at which Pikmin are plucked.
  • Throw Skill: improves smoothness and accuracy when throwing Pikmin.


Suit upgrades help protect against damage and hazards.

  • Shield: damage from creatures is reduced.
  • Fire Resistance: provides immunity to fire.
  • Electricity Resistance: provides immunity to electricity.
  • Poison Resistance: provides immunity to poison.
  • Geothermal Protection: provides immunity to geothermal radiation.
  • Below-zero Protection: provides immunity to below-zero temperatures.


Boot upgrades improve movement and provide some resistances.

  • Speed: increases the movement speed of leaders and their Pikmin.
  • Stealth: decreases the chances of enemies detecting approaching leaders and Pikmin.
  • Wind Resistance: provides immunity to gusts of wind.
  • Tar Resistance: provides complete immunity to tar, not being hurt nor slowed by it.
  • Magma Protection: provides complete immunity to magma, not being hurt nor slowed by it.


Whistle upgrades improve the ability to command Pikmin.

  • Range: increases the distance at which Pikmin can be whistled.
  • Area: increases the range of the whistle.