Pikmin: Combinations

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Pikmin: Combinations
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Pikmin: Combinations is a Pikmin game that was released on Wii U. It is the first Pikmin game to use the idea of combining Pikmin. It is being made by Chillv.


Alph, Charlie, and Brittany return to Koppai only to find out that the Koppai Space Freight is having trouble collecting donation to keep the business running. Alph, Charlie and Brittany find that one of the food items they have found the sunseed berry (strawberry) is worth 1000 Kions and another, the simian bait (banana) is worth 1000 Kions. However, if the juices are combined, the are worth 2500 Koins. As a result they go back to the planet to find more food to and combine them so they can make more money for the Koppai Space Freight.


Pikmin Combinations has the exact same gameplay as Pikmin 3. It only introduces new features instead.


This game introduces the aspect of combining Pikmin, Sprays and Food. This can be done via the Mixing Onion, Brewing Pod and Cooking Pod.

Possible Combinations of Pikmin

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Food Combinations

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Possible Potions

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The food in Pikmin: Combinations are the same as the food in Pikmin 3.


These are the sprays that appear in Pikmin: Combinations.

Color Name Effect
Red Ultra-Spicy Spray Makes your Pikmin stronger
Purple Ultra-Bitter Spray Stuns enemies for a short period of time
Green Ultra-Sour Spray Makes enemies weaker
Pink Super Sweet Spray Distracts enemies for a short period of time
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