Pikmin: Combinations/Possible Combinations of Pikmin

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This is a list of possible Pikmin combinations that can be made in Pikmin: Combinations.

Combination Name Attributes
Red and Blue Orange Pikmin Immune to lava and hot water
Winged and Yellow Winged Yellow Pikmin Immune to electricity in the air
Winged and Blue Swimming Pikmin Can swim in deep water
Winged and Red Winged Red Pikmin Immune to fire in the air
Winged and White Winged White Pikmin Immune to poison in the air
Blue and White Light Blue Pikmin Immune to poisonous water
Blue and Rock Sapphire Pikmin Can break and armor on enemies and gates underwater
Red and Rock Ruby Pikmin Can break fiery gates and armor.
Sapphire and Ruby Amethyst Pikmin Can knock down gates and armor on enemies in hot water
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