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The worlds connect.
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds, a fanon game created by PikFan23.
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This page explains the early/prototype/unused content in Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds.

Early Areas

The Garden

The Garden was meant to be an area that was full of Pellet Posies, sprays, and many other beneficial items. However, seeing as it would make the game too easy, it was removed as a standalone area. As of now, it is a secret subarea incorporated into the Whispering Grove, and is unlocked when the final boss is defeated.

Great Volcano

The Great Volcano was a volcanic area, and it featured lava flows and volcanic caverns. It was removed because the creator thought that having a Pikmin resistant to lava was unpractical.

Shimmering Lake

The Shimmering Lake would've been the aquatic area in the game. It featured a large lake, a beach, a waterfall, and even a swamp. In order to make up for the removal of the Great Volcano, the Shimmering Lake was split into two areas: the Cove of Tranquility, which features the aquatic element of the Shimmering Lake, and the Sweltering Wilds, which features the forest and swamp element of the area.

The Portal

The Portal was an area that featured a portal, as the name suggests. The Portal would be used to travel to the Moon, which was the original location of the enemy base. It is now a part of the Deluding Isle as the passageway to the Challenger's Realm.

The Moon

As mentioned above, the Moon was the original location of the enemy base, the Mechanical Complex. It was decided that it would make more sense if the enemy base was on the Pikmin Planet; as such, the Moon was removed.

Unused Pikmin Types

The unused Orange Pikmin sprites. (Credit to this user for original sprites.)

Burgundy Pikmin

Burgundy Pikmin were resistant to lava hazards, and would've been found in the Great Volcano. However, with the removal of the Great Volcano, Burgundy Pikmin became defunct.

Tan Pikmin

Tan Pikmin were resistant to sand, and would've been found in the Torrid Desert. Since sand is similar to dirt, it was decided that Tan Pikmin would be merged into Brown Pikmin. Brown Pikmin are now resistant to both elements.

Orange Pikmin

Orange Pikmin were resistant to explosion hazards, and would've also been found in the Distant Desert. However, the creator removed them because he felt they would be obsolete.

Silver Pikmin

Silver Pikmin were also another included Pikmin type in the game. Silver Pikmin could fly, and carry things in the air. They also had an ability to defeat ghost enemies, and would have been found at the Ancient Valley. They were removed because the creator thought they would be too complicated.

Early Enemies

Ghostly Enemies

The Ghostly Bulborb, along with the Dwarf Ghostly Bulborb, the Ghastly Emperor Bulblax, and the Ghastly Empress Bulblax were some early enemies that were in PCW. However, with the removal of Silver Pikmin, these enemies became undefeatable; as such, they were removed.