Pikmin: Dawn of the Food Chain

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Pikmin: Dawn of the Food Chain
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Dawn of the Food Chain, a fanon game created by Bulborb bro.
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By reducing the threat of the Redian and Bluian tribes. Olimar and Louie have done a very heroic deed on the distant planet. They return home victorious knowing that no more threat lies on the planet. Or so they had thought. Olimar had been able to save one of his cameras on the Pikmin planet to help research the Pikmin and more possible evolution done to the planet itself. What he had realized is that the planet itself is not only evolving, but with the help of radiant space waves and alignment of similar galaxies the evolution of planets is increasing rapidly. Olimar also realized that not only is the planet itself is evolving but the planet's species and the natural order of the food chain is also increasing in evolutionary takeover. The planet survival skills have increased so well that the planet is now mobile! It started to move towards Hocotate and got caught up inside it's gravitational pull.. The species could make it's way to Hocotate and devour all of the Hocotatians if something wasn't done about this. That's where Olimar and Louie come in. They shall deal with this threat. They shall return once again victorious. An all new journey is about to unfold!


Story Mode: The original story in the game.

Night Mode: You can now play the whole story mode again, this time at nighttime. Any sleeping creatures such as Bulborbs are now awake and are trudging around looking for food. Some species that can't be found originally in that area may appear in that area.

Hard Mode: In this mode, you play story mode again but this time, the area is filled with enemies that are 2x as hard as the ones in night mode. They have more health and more range in attack. Some creatures act like Spotty Bulbear(s) and follow you to your base.

Challenge Mode:You complete various dungeons trying to complete them without losing much Pikmin. To see the levels click Pikmin: Dawn of the Food Chain Challenge Mode Levels





Treasures will reappear in this game and will be found in every area but The Big Tree. Bosses will also hold boss treasures that can prove helpful on the journey.