Pikmin: Discovery

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Pikmin: Discovery
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Pikmin: Discovery
Rating Unknown
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Unknown
Media Unknown
Creator Nintendo!

Pikmin: Discovery is a fanon game created by Nintendo!. The story follows David as he explores PNF-404 and learns about Pikmin while replanting plants to save the planet.


Galactic Date: 20XX. After the Koppaites triumphant return from PNF-404, Hocotate starts facing a massive energy crisis. They send Olimar, Louie, and David (Olimar's son) back to PNF-404, to collect batteries to recharge Hocotate. However, they crash into another ship while heading to the planet, leaving their fate, uncertain.

Daylight Meadow (tutorial)

Olimar wakes up and notices that the meadow is ravaged apart. He plants a seed, which attracts several curious Cutter Pikmin. He uses the Pikmin to plant more seeds, until a Cutter Onion flies down, in which Olimar writes in a data file about how Onions have certain requirements, such as needing a pellet posies nearby, possibly for convenience. Olimar continues forward and comes across a savaged ship. He discovers a Kophone in the wreckage and locates 3 vital parts of the ship, leading him to a signal nearby in which he gets swallowed by a mysterious creature.

Shady Forest

David wakes up and notices some nearby Red Pikmin. He then uses them to plant some red Pellet Posies, causing a Red Onion to come down. After breaking a dirt gate, he comes across a half-finished bridge. After repairing the bridge, David runs across and finds a Koppaite ship which he uses to take off. Unfortunately, the ship hits a tree branch causing it to lose several key components.

Daylight Meadow

After losing the ship parts, David lands in Daylight Meadow to try and search for them. Shortly after landing, he discovers Cutter Pikmin and breaks a rope wall, opening a path to a boss fight with a Pluto Vinesnap, which flees as soon as he beats it. Luckily, it drops an Fuselage V, which allows David to visit the Forbidding Wasteland.

Forbidding Wasteland

Later that night, David receives an S.O.S signal from a mysterious entity from Forbidding Wasteland, which reveals that the figure has come in contact with an engine part. Once David lands, he discovers Yellow Pikmin, which helps him navigate a cave system and powers a pinball machine that launches a ball that opens an entrance to an arena, where David battles the Shaded Manderback. After killing the Manderback, it spits out Emily which reveals the "ship part" which is actually a Fuse Onion. Nevertheless, Emily decides to join the team. After experimenting with the Fuse Onion, they create a Cyber Pikmin, which transports them into a Nintendo Entertainment System, allowing them to collect a Sturdy Data Glutton granting them passage to Virulent Marsh.


There are 5 different endings in Pikmin: Discovery depending on how many batteries are collected.

Requirement Description Medal Earned
0-24 Batteries Our heroes have failed their mission and return home with heads hung. Hocotate Freight eventually loses business due to delivery failures, and workers start to be laid off. David wonders, could they have done better? No Medal
25-39 Batteries Our heroes have returned home with a meager supply of energy. Hocotate is saved, but not for long. They eventually resend the team back to PNF for more energy and as they head to the planet, David wonders, could have things been different? Copper Medal
40-59 Batteries Our heroes arrive home with an ample supply of energy. They succeed at their mission, but David still dreams, was there more to PNF-404? Silver Medal
60-74 Batteries Our heroes have successfully completed their mission and return home with pride. They have secured a steady source of energy that should supply Hocotate for centuries! David and Olimar soon returns back to PNF-404 to become Pikmin masters, while Louie has become a gourmet chef and has his name spread all over the galaxies. Emily becomes famous for her dangerous dare-devil stunts and the Plasm Wraith leads the Pikmin going on adventures all over the planet. How could things possibly get better? David ponders as they head to the lush planet that has provided so much for them. Gold Medal
Collect all collectibles Our heroes come home as legends. They have defeated the beast within and generated an energy supply for millennia!! They traveled to the cyber world and back, collecting treasure as they go!! They have discovered past signs of intelligent life!! They are truly Pikmin masters! David and Olimar soon travel the galaxy with Pikmin to become Pikmin legends, while Louie has become a 100-Star gourmet chef and has his name spread all over the universe. Emily becomes legendary for her hellish dare-devil stunts and the Plasm Wraith and the Pikmin build a utopia for Pikmin. It's just not possible this can be better! David ponders as they head to their new adventure. Platinum Medal




The main protagonists of the game, each have their own special ability.

  • David: The brave son of Olimar.
  • Louie: Olimar's trusty companion.
  • Emily: An ace pilot from Koppai.
  • Plasm Wraith: Olimar's caretaker when he was stuck on PNF.
  • Olimar: The main hero of the Pikmin franchise. Only available during the tutorial and as such, doesn't have any special abilities.



  • Vehicle parts: Are the main collectible in Pikmin: Discovery as collecting parts allow the crew to access more areas. They also must have at least 5 parts until they leave. 3 are story-related, 4 are earned through dungeons, and the rest are scattered around the areas.
  • Batteries: Are the second main collectible, due to it being required to lift off. There are 74 batteries to collect in all and 1 secret energy generator that is collected from the true final boss.
  • Fruits: are also necessary as the crew will require 1 bottle of juice each day. However, the fruit will now provide more juice than in Pikmin 3 marking fruit of lesser importance.


  • Treasure: Are not required in the main story, though it is crucial in completing the story 100%.

New Features

Fusing Pikmin

After David fights the Legged Manderback, it will spit out a Fuse Onion in addition to Emily. The Fuse Onion can then be carried back to the ship, and will then be repaired, letting the crew access more powerful Pikmin. If 2 Pikmin can't fuse, they will create a Pellet Posy of the first one's color.

Pikmin 1 Pikmin 2 Pikmin Created Abilities Requirements
Red Pikmin Mushroom Pikmin Shadow Pikmin Able to survive the night, enemies don't notice Pikmin while in caves, high attack Available from Beginning
Cutter Pikmin Winged Pikmin Insect Pikmin Able to carry leaders and Pikmin, carrying counts as 6, able to instantly defeat smaller enemies with their mandibles, similar to Male Sheargrubs Available from Beginning
Yellow Pikmin White Pikmin Cyber Pikmin Able to digitize leaders Available from Beginning
Mushroom Pikmin Cactus Pikmin Garden Pikmin Able to throw seeds, cuts vines, instantly flowers when plucked Available from Beginning
Red Pikmin Red Pikmin Ultra-Crimson Pikmin Able to burn enemies, fire flowers it, has highest attack Unlock Red Pikmin
Yellow Pikmin Yellow Pikmin Ultra-Gold Pikmin Able to electrocute enemies, electricity flowers it, has highest throw Unlock Yellow Pikmin
Blue Pikmin Blue Pikmin Ultra-Lapis Lazuli Pikmin Able to splash enemies, water flowers it, has highest attack in water Unlock Blue Pikmin
Rock Pikmin Red Pikmin Blast Pikmin When tossed, blows up (doesn't have any other abilities due to it not sticking around long enough) Beat Blud-Sucking Scourskeet
Purple Pikmin Red Pikmin Wrestler Pikmin 2nd strongest, can grab smaller enemies and throw them at others, can break reinforced gates Beat Blud-Sucking Scourskeet
Yellow Pikmin Mushroom Pikmin Light Pikmin Lights up nighttime and caves, stuns enemies, fills in 10 for wires Find the Fuse Onion Upgrade


After you find Mushroom Pikmin, you will be able to stay outside at night. This can be more dangerous due to bulborbs being more active, mid-bosses moving outside of their respective lairs, pellet posies disappearing, and enemies coming out of dungeons.


Once you collect a Cyber Pikmin, you will be able to charge special wires called cyber wires. You will then be digitized into any nearby broken consoles, allowing you to play in 2D. There are different enemies than normal, such as Goombas from the Super Mario series. After beating the level, you earn special types of treasure in the 2D Mario Series.

Character Abilities

Some characters have unique traits that differentiate them.

  • David: He has the highest throw and his working Pikmin tend to usually be faster than others. However, he is slower than other Leaders.
  • Emily: She has the most health and can throw more quickly than other captains, though she can't throw that far.
  • Louie: Louie is the fastest out of all captains. Plus, has can throw farthest than any other captain, but unfortunately, he is the slowest at all other tasks and will slide a little bit while running.
  • Plasm Wraith: They can pluck the fastest, and have a wide whistle range, making them the best captain to deal with Pikmin. They are bad at other tasks, though.