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Pikmin: Koppai Invasion

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Pikmin: Koppai Invasion is a game in the Pikmin World Trilogy. It features 4 new Pikmin types, 5 areas, and 17 caves. It was made by PikPikMaster100.


Alph and Brittany decide to return to PNF-404, while Charlie finds his rubber ducky. They land safely, but find out that they are in a mysterious monster's path. Alph escapes, while the entity consumes Brittany. Soon after, Alph falls off a cliff, and the monster also consumes some parts of the Drake.

Alph wakes up the next day and finds some Red Pikmin. He finds the Red Onion, with 9 other Pikmin. Later that day, Alph and the Pikmin find the S.S. Drake, and Alph sends pictures to Koppai. The next morning, Alph discovers Orange Pikmin in the Fieldside Forest, and then they find the Cave of Warmth. In it, they also discover White Pikmin, then fight a Burrowing Snagret. They leave the cave, then find the Flaming Pit. Alph remembers Red Pikmin are flame resistant, and brings the Orange Pikmin along too. He throws a Red Pikmin into some magma, but the heat is too intense, and the Red Pikmin burns up. He then tries Orange Pikmin, and they swim across. They then latch onto a platform, letting Alph and the Red Pikmin get across.

His work the next day leads him to find the Plasm Wraith, again, but this time it consumed Brittany. He finds Brown Pikmin, which are used to defeat the Plasm Wraith. The Koppaites reunite, and they end their day. They continue to explore, fighting bosses, and finding new Pikmin. On their last day, they find the Creeping Wraith, and use all Pikmin to attack it. They finally find the lost Drake pieces, which allows them to return to Koppai. Having returned, the game ends.




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  • This is the first game to not feature Olimar.
  • All stages are crosses of past stages.
  • Caves return from Pikmin 2.