Pikmin: Left Behind

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Pikmin: Left Behind
Pikmin- Left Behind.png
Rating T
Genre Platformer
Platforms Wii U, PikWii
Publisher Nintendo
Release dates Japan; N/A

Europe; N/A North America; N/A South America; N/A Prequel = N/A Sequel = N/A

Creator DonoPik

Pikmin left behind is about a yellow pikmin named Rye that was abandoned at sunset by Olimar, and all Rye can do is try to survive until he finds the yellow onion. This is the video that (Sadly) inspired me to make this fannon game:[1]

Trailer Wh... Where am I?

Looking around I, Rye Pikpik, find that I've been left behind overnight... But why? Olimar is just a lazy Hocotatian, why would he try to kill me?


Whats that? wait... Its an Orange Bulborb! It smells me!

"Thwomp... Thwomp..."

I need to hide! wait... this tree looks nice.

Wait... This isn't a tree, its a- "Chomp!"

This has been P2 Breadbug icon.png DonoPik, Yellow Pikmin master!