Pikmin: Olimar Returns

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Pikmin: Olimar Returns
Rating E (ERSB)

3+ (PEGI)


Genre Real-time Strategy
Platforms Wii U, New Nintendo 3DS
Media Wii U optical disc, 3DS cartridge
Publisher Pikmin Fanon (Nintendo If it were to be released)
Prequel Pikmin 3
Sequel Whatever I make next in the trilogy :P
Creator PikPikMaster100

Pikmin: Olimar Returns (Pikmin: Olimar is Back! in the Japanese version) is a game for the Wii U and the New Nintendo 3DS with a Pikmin 2-like layout. The time limit is brought back to 35 days (20 in the Hard-mode).


Olimar, Louie, and the President decide to take a trip to PNF-404 to relax and find treasure, but the volcano around their landing site is going to erupt in 35 days! The Pikmin are in danger! (Except Red pikmin.... I think)

Olimar and Louie find their ship being attacked by an unknown monster, and the president wants to get back soon. They call their landing area the Forest City, because of its monster population. They soon find 10 Red Pikmin, and the Onion being attacked by a Red Bulborb, and so olimar whistles them back and the bulborb got away... with Louie! Olimar cant find the president either, and olimar needs to find the lost engine. Olimar soon gathers 25 pikmin, to push a cardboard box. Past that cardboard box is well... the engine! He has 25 pikmin, and it needs 35 Pikmin to carry the engine. He finds some pellets, and soon has enough pikmin to carry the engine. The pikmin return the engine to the ship, and the day ends.

Olimar and the Ship find a strong signal coming from a tropical area, which they named the Tropical Peaks, where they think Louie is. They land, and then see that a bridge that is broken, and they need to get to the other side. They later on find the surface skin, which is a lifesafer for the Ship, so that it doesn't hurt when landing. They find "Pink" Pikmin which are Winged Pikmin from Pikmin 3. He says that they are "new" To his research. He notes the cute wings, and then they continue to explore, and finds the rocket fueler! He says that it is so he doesn't use pikpik carrots for fuel and he can eat again. They find some red bulborbs and... Louie!