Pikmin: Onions

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Pikmin: Onions
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Onions, a fanon game created by Michaelb958.
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Pikmin: Onions is a fanon Pikmin game planned for the Wii.


In the middle of the night, a few meteors fell out of nowhere, hurtling towards the Pikmin Planet. By alarming coincidence, all of them hit Pikmin Onions.

The Onions landed heavily. All but one Pikmin was killed. That one remaining Pikmin just so happened to be the Red Pikmin that had appeared first in Pikmin 1, and it knew its stuff.

However, all three of the Onions had been badly damaged, losing several critical parts. The Red Onion was worst off; its Main Engine had been lost. Thankfully, it landed near the Onion.

All that the Red Pikmin could do was call itself the first Pikmin Leader and set off to find food.


Players take control of the first Pikmin Leaders as they attempt to find the parts of their damaged Onions. Along the way, they find new, incomplete Onions shaken by the impacts and take part in an experimental research project to discover a new Pikmin colour.

Onion parts

The Onions have several parts which need to be recovered, similar to the ship parts in Pikmin 1. Unlike in Pikmin 1, each one serves a purpose for the Onion.

  • Main Engine: This allows the Onion to lift off from the ground. Only lost from the Red Onion.
  • Armoured Shell: This allows the Onion to perform all tasks faster.
  • Colour Compensator: This allows the Onion to produce seeds from wrongly coloured pellets.
  • Protein Converter: This allows the Onion to produce seeds from enemy carcasses.
  • Nutrient Processor: This increases the number of seeds obtained from pellets and enemies.
  • Sonar Scanner: This enables the radar map. The range increases as more Onions recover this part.