Pikmin: Planet Battle

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Pikmin: Planet Battle is a spin-off turn-based game, similar to Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle, for the Nintendo Switch.


Olimar: The main hero of the story.

Louie: Olimar's somewhat trusty copilot.

Alph: The S.S. Drake's engineer.

Brittany: The S.S. Drake's botanist.

Charlie: The S.S. Drake's captain.

Pikmin Olimar: A Red Pikmin infused with Olimar's helmet.

Pikmin Louie: A Blue Pikmin infused with Louie's spacesuit.

Pikmin Alph: A Yellow Pikmin infused with Alph's KopPad.

Pikmin Brittany: A White Pikmin infused with Brittany's glasses.

Pikmin Charlie: A Purple Pikmin infused with Charlie's rubber ducky.


Warning! Spoilers below!

Hocotate Freight took on a job from Koppai Technology which developed the CellMerge. They were supposed to deliver it to a rich collecter, when an asteroid smashed into the shipment, destroying the ship. However, the CellMerge survived and crashed onto PNF-404. A Puffstool found the machine and decided to play with it until a White Pikmin sneaks up and killed the mushroom. The CellMerge activated and merged itself, the confused White Pikmin, and the carcass of the Puffstool, creating a Puffmin capable of merging others, Puffy. Puffy, stressed with its new powers, started fusing the parts of the planet wildly. Meanwhile, back at Hocatate Freight and Koppai Technology, both companies lost a lot of money, so they decided to send Olimar, Louie, Alph, Brittany and Charlie to PNF-404 to collect treasure. Both ships head to the distant planet, but collided with each other, destroying the ships.

Sparkling Woodland

Olimar wakes up, disturbed by the serial crashes. He climbs onto a small hill to look around, and discovers the hill to be a giant toy block. Suddenly, two entities fall from the sky, and Olimar recognizes them as Louie and Brittany, but not quite. When they get up, Olimar is terrified, as they have been turned into Pikmin! He gets an S.O.S signal from Alph, who explains that the CellMerge must have landed on PNF-404 and is chaotically merging various lifeforms. Alph the tells Olimar that the planet is in danger, and they have to find the CellMerge before it is too late. He gifts them three weapons just in case, as the planet is unstable and some enemies will be more hostile than regular. Olimar takes the blaster, while Pikmin Louie and Pikmin Brittany takes the Rotater and the other Blaster, respectively. Olimar and his crew ventures forward, until they come across a previously destroyed dirt wall. Olimar continues forward, until they are attacked by Troopers. They fight them off and continue forward, defeating more Troopers and Copters, a new enemy. They help a startled Pikmin get back to its Onion, opening a path to a suspicious, previously-destroyed concrete wall. They continue on, only to be stopped by Puffy, who accidentally fuses a Pikmin and a Bulborb, creating a Pikborb. After fighting the fearsome beast, the trio encounters a new enemy, Hammers, as they try and chase Puffy. They find Puffy atop a tree, but he runs and fuses a Purple Pikmin with a hammer, creating Slammin. Once they defeat the formidable foe, they find that Puffy has run off so they take off after him.

Frosty Dunes

Olimar, Pik Louie, and Pik Brittany land in Frosty Dunes, where sand is on one side, and snow on the other. After guiding a Pikmin through Cactus Canyon, they battle with a troop of Troopers and a Healer, and later, a Sandstorm Striker. Once they defeat the Striker, Louie is spat out of the withering sandstorm, who agrees to join the team. They continue on, fighting more Healers and another enemy, a Roller. They eventually fight another Striker, but of the snow variant, which releases Pikmin Olimar. They manage to track down Puffy, who fuses a Pikmin with a huge chunk of ice and rock, creating the Earthmin. Afterwards, they find that Puffy has run off again so they attempt again to track him down.

Tropical Paradise

They land in Tropical Paradise, and discover new enemies and new allies, a Guardian and a Stacker and Brittany and Pikmin Alph, fight off an Unidentified Flying Item, and finally make it to the beach, only for Puffy to run off again, leaving them to deal with the Cannonmin, which they easily defeat.

Haunted Hollow

After guiding another Pikmin, they fight Haunts, which teleport themselves and Olimar and co. around the battlefield, and a Piknode which releases Pikmin Charlie. They find Puffy again when they fight off hordes of Hiders, and a Pumpmin, but the CellMerge malfunctions, encases Puffy in a thick crystal cover, and flees.

Lavafied Forge

The crew lands in Lavafied Forge. After fighting Forge Copters, the Plasm Wraith reappears, and is fused with magma before snatching up Olimar. Charlie comes in and takes Olimar's role in the battle, and joins them all afterwards. They continue forward, and reaches Puffy. After they defeat the CellMerge, PNF-404 turns back to normal, and Puffy is separated from the CellMerge, which the crew takes to pay off the loan. The game then ends.


Name Weapon HP Skill Special Effect
Woodland Trooper Blaster 51 None None
Frosty Trooper Blaster 71 Target Sight Freeze
Tropical Trooper Blaster 91 Target Sight Vamp
Haunted Trooper Blaster 111 Guard/Target Sight Ink
Forge Trooper Blaster 131 Protect/Target Sight Burn
Woodland Copter Boombox 41 None None
Frosty Copter Boombox 61 Adrenaline Push
Tropical Copter Boombox 81 Adrenaline Push
Haunted Copter Boombox 101 Adrenline Burn
Forge Copter Boombox 121 Adrenline/Protect Burn


Name Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Boss Chapter
Sparkling Woodland The Crash Copters Ahoy! Pikmin Pal Unidentified Flying Object Bulborb Attack! Hammer Hitbox Slamin Slam Faction
Frosty Dunes Hot and Cold Cactus Canyon Healing of the Healers Sandstorming Strikers Runnin' Rollers Strikers of the Blizzard Earth-moving Earthmin