Pikmin: Planet War

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Pikmin: Planet War
Rating Unknown
Genre Unknown
Platforms Unknown
Media Unknown
Publisher Unknown
Release dates October 9th, 2016
Creator Bopsis1

Pikmin: Planet War is a game created by Bopsis1. The game released on October 9th, 2016.


Koppai and Hocotate are at war, using PNF-404 as a battleground. Each side has their own Pikmin, Story Areas and Playable characters. There are three Captains for each side, and can be Co-op played. Weathers are a hazard in effect, and ice is now a new hazard.





The Garden Of Hope

Like Pikmin 3, with some small changes. All weathers have normal effects.

Dark Canopy

A forest with leaves so thick, almost no light gets in. Rain knocks down a few leaves and creates some waterflows, and wind knocks down many leaves, bringing in more light. Drought is not in effect here.

The Five- Mountain Ocean

A very deep ocean that most Pikmin would die very fast if they fell in. There are five very different mountains in the ocean. Rain makes the oceans totally impassable. Drought makes the ocean go shallow, and can possibly make it dissapear altogether. Wind is not in effect.

Stormy Desert

This is a huge desert with barely any water. Wind makes huge sandstorms only a select few Pikmin will not be hurt/blown away in. Rain is rare, but when it comes, huge puddles are created, and huge plants grow. It's always in drought.


The Crash Site

Like Pikmin 1, with a few changes. All weathers are in effect.

Deep Caves

A cave where there is few light sources. Weathers are not in effect.

The Windy Valley

This is an open forest that is currently in the season of Autumn. Wind is almost always in effect, making it hard for small or flying Pikmin to maneuver. Even normal Pikmin have some trouble. Rain acts like normal, and drought is not in effect.

Infested Jungles

This jungle is full of enimies. When rain comes, new rivers are created. Drought gets rid of most rivers, and is not in effect

Both Planets

The Frozen Death

A frozen lake/forest with ice as a major hazard. The ice makes it hard for most Pikmin to move. There are stronger enimies here. Learn more at this link: Frozen Death




  • Rain: Rain makes puddles in certain areas, and new rivers and pathways. The new rivers created bring new enimies, and in rare cases, bosses. Rain is large, and will kill all Pikmin besides Blue if it hits them.
  • Wind: Wind creates a strong gust, which will slowly push Pikmin in the direction it is facing. This will kill all Winged Pikmin. Purple and Rock Pikmin are immune to the effects.
  • Drought: Drought gets rid of most water, opening new paths and getting rid of old ones. This will bring out new enimies, and in rare cases, bosses.

All weathers bring and get rid of certain enemies.