Pikmin: Planetary Evolution

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Pikmin: Planetary Evolution
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Planetary Evolution, a fanon game created by PurplePikminPower.
Pikmin: Planetary Evolution
PPE box art.jpg
Rating E for Everyone
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Wii U, Pikira
Media Optical disc
Publisher Purple Power Inc.
Prequel Pikmin: The Return
Sequel Pikmin: The Mystery Potion
Creator PurplePikminPower

Pikmin: Planetary Evolution is a real-time strategy Pikmin game created by PurplePikminPower. It takes place immediately after Pikmin: The Return, when Olimar collects every one of the lost satellite parts and returns to Hocotate. The President informs him that Louie accidentally sent P2 Poko icon.png × 100,000 of treasures, which he collected during his adventures after the events of Pikmin 2, through his garbage chute, sending it all to the Distant Planet. They must find every treasure before the President is put into debt again.



Land of Beginnings
  1. Beginner's Den
  2. Hole of Steam
  3. Excalivlet Cavern
Valley of Creatures
  1. Cavern of Frigidness
  2. Dusty Den
  3. Hole of Iron
Flora Forest
  1. Confusing Cavern
  2. Damp Den
  3. Hole of Webs
  4. Cave of Monsters
Technical Zone
  1. Nuclear Cavern
  2. Concrete Den
  3. Hole of Steel
  4. Cavern of Power
  5. Armored Abyss
Canyon of Destruction
  1. Corrupt Crevice
Dimensional Rift
  1. Dimensional Dungeon