Pikmin: Purple\White version

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Pikmin: Purple\White Version
ESRB rating:
New Lands Inc.
Nintendo DS
Japanese Title:
Pikminde Chostrol\Savia Verrsionio

Pikmin: Purple\White Version is a Pokémon-like game, but it uses Pikmin characters instead.


There is no story, it is a free-for-all game.

Rating and Online

This game got an 8.0 from Game Ratings and an 8.5 from New Land Rating Inc.

Also, there is Wi-Fi, which lets people battle and trade. When you turn this on, it will show everyone in the area and you can talk to people using the Wi-Fi.


Control Pad: Walk. Hold B to run.

A Button: Talk to people\Read signs

B Button: Nothing

X Button: Open the menu

Y Button: Nothing

L Button: Nothing

R Button: Nothing

Differences Between Versions

The main difference between the two versions is that in Purple, you get Purple Pikmin, and in White, you get White Pikmin. Enemies also vary slightly between games.


Coming soon


  • There will be more versions if these versions get high ratings.