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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Redemption, created by Sir Pikmin.
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These are the unlockable items, glitches, codes, and hidden things in PR.


Play as Pikmar

After you beat the game once you will see a message saying you have unlocked Pikmar. When you start a new game you will have the option to play as Pik Pik or Pikmar. As Pikmar the Pikmin under your command are less stupid and Grey Pikmin will not attack your Pikmin squad. You can also throw slightly faster, farther, and higher with all Pikmin. but enemies hit you for more damage.

The Crystal Flower

After you beat the game on the hardest difficulty you get a message saying that you unlocked Crystal Pikmin for use in the Story and Multiplayer Modes. It is selected in Story Mode the same way as Pikmar is. Then go and find the Crystal Onion on the first day and it will head to the landing site, replacing all of the other Onions in the process. When you put your Pikmin into the Onion and take them out they become Crystal Pikmin and all Pikmin produced in the Onion are also of the Crystal type. Any Pikmin gained from Candypop Buds still need to be transformed though.

Challenge Mode on the Main Menu

Beating the game unlocks the Pit of Redemption for the main menu. You get to choose what kind and how many pikmin you enter the pit with but you can't get a perfect on any of the challenges unless you play from the main game. Crystal Pikmin cannot be taken down here though because they are overpowered.


Easy Pikmin Propagation

If you go outside the western-most gate , the one that is covered with vines and doesn't appear on the map. in the Settlement in Olivert you will find a field of 1,5, and 7 Pellets waiting to be harvested.Don't walk too far into the field or else you will be attacked by twenty Burrowing Snarrows.


Area Select Glitch

When you are on the Area select screen, keep holding down on B, (Pressing B makes an easter egg explained in that section) and the ship will explode numerous times until only a frozen explosion will stay on the screen and the ship will not be visible after you stop holding B.

Treasure Glitch

If you time it just right, and you take two treasures back to the ship/pod at the exact same time, one of the two treasures will appear on the screen and the other treasure will disappear and appear out of bounds.

Easter Eggs

Area Select Explosion

On the are select screen press B and the ship will explode and reappear.

Real Easter Egg

On the main screen, you can find an easter egg hidden in the bushes. You can change the view by holding Z and tilting the control stick.