Pikmin: Reign of the Masses

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Reign of the Masses, created by Ragnorok X.
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Pikmin: Reign of the Masses
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Pikmin: Reign of the Masses is a real-time strategy Pikmin fangame created by Ragnorok X.


During his travels on PNF-404 during the events of Pikmin 1 in an alternate timeline, Olimar finds a weird object that is not part of the S.S. Dolphin. It resembles a handheld radio with several frayed wires protruding from it. When Olimar has his Pikmin carry it, sparks erupt from it, startling Olimar and causing him to avoid the object until he returns home to Hocotate. After the events of Pikmin 2, tales of Olimar's adventures spread, and a group of scientists express interest in the mysterious object and have Olimar bring them to the Pikmin Planet. When they arrive, an odd clear goo has polluted the planet's landscape and affected its lifeforms in several ways. The scientists, led by Olimar, go about searching for an Onion when they are attacked by a then-undocumented Goo Bulborb, which brutally devours several of the fleeing scientists. Olimar and the remaining scientists successfully hide from the Goo Bulborb behind a large crystalline structure and soon notice a Red Onion trapped within. Miraculously, they manage to pluck some Red Pikmin sprouts and use them to free the Onion, and then, without the Goo Bulborb noticing, manage to raise the Red Pikmin population. Eventually, they defeat the Goo Bulborb with their meager army and then get to their ship to blast off into the atmosphere.



Pikmin Resistance Notes
Red Pikmin Fire Has higher attack damage.
Blue Pikmin Water None.
Yellow Pikmin Electricity Is thrown higher than other Pikmin.
Ebony Pikmin Acid Slower, but stronger; has a carry weight of three.
Clear Pikmin Goo Weaker, but quicker; has a carry weight of two.