Pikmin: Return to the Distant Planet

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Pikmin: Return to the Distant Planet
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Pikmin: Return to the Distant Planet is a fan game made by Neocraftz1553 for the Nintendo Switch.

Additions new to the series include three new Pikmin types, unique leader abilities, changing seasons, and a weather/temperature mechanic. Chronologically, it takes place sometime after Pikmin 3.


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Gameplay and Mechanics


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Seasons in Pikmin: Return to the Distant Planet change after some time. The season each area starts with, meaning the season each area has on day 1, is listed on its page. After 30 days, each area's season rotates, in order, from Winter, to Spring, to Summer, to Fall, and back again to Winter. Different seasons attract different weather conditions and enemies, giving each area 4 unique looks. Area geometry is affected by seasons, blocking and opening new shortcuts and areas with each passing season.


Temperature in areas fluctuates depending on the time of day, the current weather condition, the season and the area. For example, a sunny day in the Abandoned Oasis will have a temperature high enough to kill Pikmin after a while, however, a sunny day in the Glacial Bay will have a temperature low enough to freeze Pikmin.


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Leader strengths


Serene Terrace

A calm meadow with plenty of open spaces, a cave, and a beach. The starting season of this area is Spring.

Thicketed Cove

A large cave-like area with a lot of unique vegetation, a small lake, and plenty of fire elements scattered around. The starting season of this area is Spring.

Abandoned Oasis

A big open ended desert area that introduces the player to temperature hazards. The starting season of this area is Summer.

Stagnant Sea

An ocean-like area with an large open water section and a more maze-like ground section. The starting season of this area is Summer.

Glacial Bay

A cold area with open snow areas, caves with fire and electrical elements, and landmasses split apart by rivers and ice flows. The starting season of this area is Winter.

Verdant Woods

A lush green jungle area with tight corridors separating both large and small areas. The starting season of this area is Summer.

Giant's Workshop

A mechanical factory area with focus on verticality and puzzles. Many electrical and poison hazards are located here. This area does not have seasons.

Pikmin types

  • Red Pikmin - Resistant to fire and intense heat, slightly higher attack damage than average.
  • Yellow Pikmin - Resistant and conductive to electricity and can be thrown higher than other Pikmin.
  • Blue Pikmin - Amphibious and can save drowning Pikmin.
  • White Pikmin - Small and fast, resistant to toxins. Weaker than most other Pikmin. Can see buried things underground.
  • Purple Pikmin - Big and slow, high attack damage, slow attack speed, resistant to intimidation. Has a carrying strength of 10.
  • Cyan Pikmin - A bit smaller than your average Pikmin, these Pikmin are resistant to frost and extreme cold. They are the only type of Pikmin to be able to wield endothermic bomb rocks.
  • Green Pikmin - Resistant to acids, oils, and tar. Slightly higher attack damage than average, more likely to make enemies shake them off due to their irritating stem.
  • Mushroom Pikmin - Lights up a small area around them and are resistant to spores.