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Throughout Pikmin: Sinister Incinerator, you'll face down a variety of bosses that preside at the ends of the 24 dungeons (except for the Magenta Den. Because of this, there are two bosses in the last dungeon, Worlds Beyond.) Some are returning bosses from Pikmin 1 and Pikmin 2, and others are all-new. Some are fought at important plot points and others simply serve as dungeon bosses. What all bosses share in common is typically their possession of a useful item and an intense struggle for survival (although the Giant Breadbug could be considered an exception). This page is meant to list these bosses, their locations, and the items they hold. The bosses are listed in the general order in which they are intended to be encountered, but many can be fought out of order.

Burrowing Snagret

Dungeon: Serpent Garden

One of the easiest boss enemies, but it serves mainly as a returning enemy after the Serpent Garden dungeon. After that point, expect to fight these things in groups.

Female Shearwig

Dungeon: Pale Pit of Peril

Because of its slow movement, this boss is also one of the easiest. Actually, the Shearwigs it generates cause more of a problem than the actual boss!

Beady Long Legs

Dungeon: Fireside Temple

Despite the fact that this is still one of the easiest bosses, carelessness and bad aim could still cause you to lose the fight.

Giant Breadbug

Dungeon: Scavenger's Hideout

An unconventional boss, certainly. Afterwards, it's pretty much a run-of-the-mill enemy.

Emperor Bulblax

Dungeon: Behemoth's Lair

A step up from all boss battles to this point, the Emperor Bulblax serves as a marking point. Later on, you may encounter more than one at a time.


Dungeon: Scrap Metal Abyss

Another one of the tougher bosses, you'll have to make use of hit-and-run tactics and use your surroundings as cover to win this fight. You never fight more than one at the same time- but there may be other enemies to watch out for.


Dungeon: Black Flower Garden

This boss is a cinch as long as you have Purple Pikmin. If you're in a situation where none are available, then stay clear of this thing at all costs.

Raging Long Legs

Dungeon: Snowstorm Grotto

Despite its intimidating size, the Raging Long Legs is an easy boss if you use a small, more manageable group of hard-hitting Pikmin, like Red Pikmin.

Burrowing Snarrow

Dungeon: Dark Field Cave

Don't be fooled. It behaves quite similarly to the Burrowing Snagret but it has several unexpected abilities.

Obelisk Burrow-nit

Dungeon: Dark Desert Cave

This fight is all about getting up in the enemy's face. If you cower and try to run, you'll be struck down quickly. Always stay close to it and you'll be somewhat safer.

Pileated Snagret

Dungeon: Quicksand Temple

There's no avoiding the fact that this is a difficult boss battle. Half the battle is forming the proper team to do the job. Know what fighting style works for which enemy.

Ranging Bloyster

Dungeon: Aqua Labyrinth

The Ranging Bloyster is one of the most difficult bosses unless you have both Olimar and Louie to do the job. Then, you can quickly switch control to confuse the boss and keep it "stunned."

Empress Bulblax

Dungeon: Dark Mountain Cave

A slow but mighty boss whose massive attacks aren't too difficult to dodge but can prove devastating if they connect. Keep a safe distance.

Toxic Bulblax

Dungeon: Dead Man's Trench

The fight is similar to the Emperor Bulblax, but with a toxic twist. It's also an undoubtably creepier opponent.

Segmented Crawbster

Dungeon: Dark Wetland Cave

The final-floor edition of this boss is much more difficult to beat than the other occasions where you'll encounter it in the game. Check the description to see why!

Smoky Progg

Dungeon: Glowing Tunnels

It's a walking pile of death. Keep your distance and aim perfectly at the face to damage it. A really hard boss battle.

Man-at-Legs 9000

Dungeon: Supercomputer Complex

You can conform to the strategy of the battle, or you can exploit its major weakness quickly to finish it without many casualties. Think of how you fooled the Ranging Bloyster.

Giga Bulbear

Dungeon: Predator's Realm

Another fight which involves making use of cover. This could end horribly in a pinch if you don't react quickly enough.

Planetoid Long Legs

Dungeon: Dark Forest Cave

A totally bizarre boss. In fact, getting over the strangeness thing is one of the biggest challenges of this fight!

Berserk Dweevil

Dungeon: Web of Terror

This intense foe is completely relentless, so you'll have to use its insanity to your advantage. Not an easy solution, but the only solution.

Mushroomized Mainbrain

Dungeon: G-Base

This boss requires some brutal beatings to break, but you'll have to find a way to keep your slow Purple Pikmin from being done in by its wide range of elemental attacks.

Omega Progg

Dungeon: Black Hole

Titan Dweevil + Smoky Progg = Overpowered Slime Monster. It's that simple. Much more simple than taking this thing out!

Complex Parasite

Dungeon: Worlds Beyond

An odd battle featuring multiple tiers. The whole fight lies in the third stage, so you might even wonder what the point was with the other two stages! Don't underestimate it, though. Aim for the fairly obvious weak points.

Empire Deathstool

Dungeon: The End

The REAL final showdown. Switches between hard, unbelievably easy and ultra hard. It's probably best to consult the guide so you don't end up getting wiped out in one blast by an unassuming attack.