Pikmin: Spectrum

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Pikmin: Spectrum
Rating Unknown
Genre Unknown
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Media Unknown
Sequel Pikmin 3
Creator Glubbfubb

Pikmin: Spectrum is an upcoming fan-made game for Nintendo Switch by Glubbfubb. It will be the fourth installment to the Pikmin series.


Pikmin: Spectrum is structured similarly to Pikmin 2 as if features your playable character traveling across playable areas in an attempt to find various unique treasures (often based on real-world items and brands). The game is split up into a total of 7 areas or zones and different requirements must be met in order to go to the next zone.

Like in Pikmin 2 some treasures are found in special underground areas called Citadels (replacing caves and they function identically) and each zone has 4 unique Citadels except zone 7 which has 6 Citadels bringing the total citadel count to 30.


All Pikmin types on this list are playable (except the Bulbmin) alongside the 5 new types bringing.