Pikmin: Spider Attack

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Pikmin: Spider Attack
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Rating E for Everyone
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms PC, Mac
Media Pikmin Spider Attack OST (Coming Soon)
Publisher Pikmin Fanon
Release dates Japan: Sebtember 15th, 2016
North America: November 4th, 2016
Europe: N/A
Austraila: N/A
Creator TruJam

Pikmin: Spider Attack is a game for PC and Mac where spider-like enemies have invaded the Pikmin Planet.


While Olimar is at home with his family, the Pikmin planet has been invaded by spider-like enemies which are causing the Pikmin to go extinct. Only a few Pikmin are left. Olimar wants to visit the planet, so he does. but when he sees one Red Pikmin standing alone, he comes to help. But Raging Long Legs comes and smashes Olimar's ship to pieces, and the game begins.


Olimar is able to roam every place that is able to be explored. Olimar has to find materials and his ship parts to rebulid his ship and return home. Olimar has a 30 day limit before the batteries for the oxygen-filtering system runs out. Olimar also has only one life, so if he gets knocked down, he wont be able to return home.


Shift= Dismiss All Pikmin

Left Click= Throw Pikmin

Hold Left Click + Spacebar= Change Pikmin

Right Click+Spacebar=Speed-Throw Pikmin

W=Walk Foward

D=Walk Backwards

A=Walk Left

S=Walk Right

Move Mouse= Move Aim

Tab=Change Camera Direction

Backspace=Call Pikmin

Controller Controls

Theres also controls for your controller! Take a look:

Analog Stick (Left)= Move Around

Analog Stick (Right) Move Aim

Right Trigger=Throw Pikmin

Left Trigger= Dismiss all Pikmin

Spam Right Trigger= Speed-Throw Pikmin

Hold Right Trigger+Rl=Change Pikmin

RL+LR=Move Camera Direction

R+L= Call Pikmin