Pikmin: Steve's Adventure

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Pikmin: Steve's Adventure
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Steve's Adventure, a fanon game created by Pikminwraith.
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Not to be confused with The Saga of Steve.

Pikmin: Steve's Adventure is a game by Pikminwraith. It is an RPG game. It is divided into 7 chapters.


Our little trooper and hero, Steve, and his friends Bob and Joe, are walking through a forest. The Onions are about to leave, but Bulborbs attack. The three pikmin get away from the Bulborb mob, but are left behind. It is their quest to get back safely.

Chapter 1: Left Behind

They adventure to Terra Village, where they stay for a little. They continue their adventure to Sakura Village, meeting Sakura and Phil. They learn that the Sacred Sakura Tree might give them a message to where it is. They battle the Bulbear, defeating him. Nero, a shady cloaked person, appears, easily defeating them, and attacks the Sakura Tree, nearly killing it. They wake up over a day later, and find out that the Sacred Sakura Tree cannot help them now.

Chapter 2: The Sea

Realizing that they have to adventure further, Steve and his friends, Bob and Joe, and his new friends, Sakura and Phil, travel to the oceanside. They travel through the dreaded Death Desert, to get to the Oceana Oasis and Oceana coast, meeting the green pikmin with psychic powers, Lucas, and the black pikmin with great magical powers, Robin. They defeat the many bulborbs at the Oceana Coast, then battle the Emporer Bulblax, their leader, and win. After learning that nothing is their for them, they go to the nearest village, Celestica, and find Nero, and delays them with a giant pile of thousands of boulders. They go to the coast line, and travel their way around on boat (Which is actually a few leaves of a Sakura Tree).

Chapter 3: A Paradise Island

After they travel around the boulders, they get to an island, with a sky high mountain. They get to Florresia Village, where they meet a rose pikmin, Eli. She escorts the group up the mountain, where they get to Frost Village, and meet the cyan pikmin, Jeffery. They find that Nero, is in the outskirts of the village, with his co-worker Bulber a bulbear for what they call, The Great Bulborb King. They track Nero and Bulber down, and battle them. Nero is then revealed to be a black pikmin. After the long and hard battle, they leave the island and back to the mainland with their new friends Eli and Jeffery. Steve then begins to wonder if he still wants to go back, leaving this fun adventure.

Chapter 4: Huge Safari

They travel out of the oceanside and to a great safari. When they get to Safaria Village they all go to do errands:

Sakura goes to find anything for traveling long distances

Phil goes to find food for the journey

Lucas and Robin go to find a place to train

Eli goes to find medical supplies

Jeffery goes to find ice, since he's not used to the hot climate

Bob and Joe go to find a place to stay for a day or two

Steve goes to find anyone who would want to join

When they all meet an hour later, Sakura, Jeffery, Bob, and Joe didn't find anything, whil Phil, Lucas, Robin, Eli, and Steve did. Steve introduces Bulbie, and Lucas and Robin lead the group to the outskirts. They find Lord Snitchbug, and Titan Dweevil. They were attacking the village constantly, and sometimes causes some deaths. Bulbie asks if they drive them off, in which they do battle them. Training first, they go to back to the Safari Jungle. They then go to the Great Safari to battle the Lord Snitchbug and Titan Dweevil, nearly defeated, but do prevail. They then rest at the inn as they gave them a room as gratitude for defeating the great creatures.

Chapter 5: Country of Illusions

They traverse past the Great Safari, to a strange area. Everywhere they look there are mushrooms. After they have nothing left to eat, they decide to eat a mushroom. Then, they all faint, (This is because the mushroom is a Amanita phalloides, or Death Cap, but Pikmin aren't killed by them) and when they wake up, the grass is orange, the sky is green, and the mushrooms are now rainbow flowers. They traverse and battle their way through the land, and at the end, they faint again. They awoke in...

Chapter 6: Magic land

A house of bulborbs, in a pan, above a fire.(the following is a continuation by a wiki contributer) Steve panics, but then he spots a Mushroom Pikmin named Shroomy, who frees them, but then a snagret, a bulborb, and Nero appear and the snagret tries to eat mushroomy, but gets blasted from behind by a mysterious orange pikmin, who introduces himself as Aug. Then Aug blasts the bulborb and Nero flees saying "I'll get you one day!" Then, Aug leads the group to Magi Town, where the group gets directions to Bulborb City.

Chapter 7: Bulborb Kingdom



Chapter 1

  • Terra Village
  • Sakura Village

Chapter 2

  • Oceana Village
  • Celestica Village

Chapter 3

  • Florresia Village
  • Frost Village

Chapter 4

  • Safaria Village

Chapter 6

  • Magi Village

Chapter 7

  • Bulborb City

Field Areas

Chapter 1

  • Terra Plains
  • Trail of Sakuras
  • Sakura Forest
  • Sacred Sakura Tree

Chapter 2

  • Death Desert
  • Oceana Oasis
  • Oceana Coast
  • Majestic Oasis
  • Celestic Coast

Chapter 3

  • Flower Plains
  • Flowery Tundra
  • Great Tundra

Chapter 4

  • Safari Jungle
  • Great Safari

Chapter 5

  • Shadow Plains
  • Mirage Mountains
  • Illusion Trail

Chapter 6

  • Sorcery Forest
  • Dryad Forest
  • Plains of Light
  • Temple of Light
  • Golden Forest
  • Sacred Plains

Chapter 7

  • Bulborb Fields
  • Bulborb Castle Garden
  • Bulborb Castle
  • Bulborb Throne Room


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Steve's Group

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4


  • Lya
  • Jack
  • Flora
  • Jon
  • Wally
  • Will
  • Jen
  • Ella
  • Noel
  • Jill
  • Nicolas
  • Luna
  • Kenny
  • Gary