Pikmin: Stranded

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Pikmin: Stranded
Rating Rating Pending
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Switch, Wii U
Media CD Soundtrack
Publisher Pikmin Fanon
Release dates Japan: TBA

North America: TBA

Europe: TBA

Austraila: TBA

Prequel Latest Pikmin Game
Sequel N/A
Creator MysticTortoise
Collaborators Currently None

Pikmin: Stranded is an idea for a game by MysticTortoise. It includes a story mode, a survival mode where the player must find ways to get off the planet, a challenge mode with a variety of objectives, a Bingo Battle mode and Marble Battle mode, and a level editor mode. It follows the story of Olimar, who was left behind on a chaotic mission to PNF 404 in which Louie barely escaped, but had no way to rescue Olimar, and the player must survive with no ship to get out of orbit. It's graphics would be higher than Pikmin 3's, with graphical techniques of both Pikmin 3 and other switch games. There will also be a Wii U version, which plays similarly to Pikmin 3, but with the features of Stranded. It would have graphics identical to Pikmin 3's, as well.



Olimar and Louie went on an expedition to fully chart out PNF 404, however, something went horribly wrong. During their landing sequence, their fuel tank was ejected out of their ship, and they crash landed on PNF 404. Olimar finds Louie, but the sun begins to set. They find a cave, and, after walking through it for a bit, they find their fuel tank, albeit a little cracked. However, as they begin to leave, a large group of giant bulborbs appears! They dash out of the cave, however, Olimar trips, causing him to fall back some. He just barely gets up before the Bulborbs catch up. Louie, far ahead, worries for Olimar, but quickly places the leaking fuel tank in his ship. However, the fuel tank's leak has drained most of the fuel. Louie calculates that he only has enough fuel to make one trip back to Hocotate, but due to the leaking fuel, he must leave immedietly, or he won't have a chance to make it back. As such, he lifts off, vowing to return to save Olimar as soon as possible. Olimar watches as Louie lifts off, and remembers how the fuel tank was leaking. He understands Louie's reason for leaving, then ducks into a cave to narrowly avoid the bulborbs. He sleeps in this cave, starting Pikmin: Stranded.