Pikmin: The Advanced Times

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The Advanced Times
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The Advanced Times, a fanon game created by Lazer.
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Pikmin: The Advanced Times
Rating Unknown
Genre Unknown
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Sequel Pikmin 2
Creator Lazer

Pikmin: The Advanced Times is a video game that takes place approximately 20 years after the events of Pikmin 2.


This story takes place 20 years after Pikmin 2. Pikmin have become much more independent and have created their own society, with many towns all over the place. But things are far from peaceful, as creatures are attacking Pikmin, just like old times, without Olimar to lead them. This evil squadron is led by "Miss", a black spider-like creature. This war is ever-lasting with no end in sight...

However, one day, a young Striped Pikmin named Telekeniki is called to see the mayor in his hometown situated on the Impact Site where Olimar first arrived on the Pikmin planet. The mayor, a Gold Pikmin simply referred to as "Mayor", tells Telekeniki he must go on a dangerous quest. He must venture into the underground cave and find a tablet. On the tablet, there is a special code. When the code is deciphered, it will reveal the name of the hero that will end the war. But Telekeniki isn't the only one on this quest. Another Striped Pikmin known as Eclipse is also on the same mission. These two have been rivals since they were just seeds. Who will get there first? Telekeniki, donning his Mime Jr. Costume and his candy cane sword, journey along with his best friend and partner, a Green Pikmin named Cheeko. Will they find the tablet and stop the evil Miss?


The gameplay of Pikmin: The Advanced Times is radically different than the traditional Pikmin games. Instead of controlling a large amount of Pikmin, you control only two (Telekeniki and Cheeko). You completely control Telekeniki, but you control Cheeko just like you would a regular Pikmin in the traditional games. If one of you dies, it is game over. Because of this, Pikmin has much higher HP than they did in Pikmin and Pikmin 2.

The point of the game is to go around the modernized Pikmin world looking for the three tablets (Red, Yellow, and Blue). Finding these tablets will allow you to go to the underground cave.

Some aspects are from the old games. Day turning tonight, for example, is here. It is possible to travel at night, but enemies are much more powerful and are in greater numbers. The gates to the towns close, so you must survive the night.



  • The color of the tablets is a reference to the three original colors of Pikmin.
  • There are many references to other Nintendo game series. For example, a Red Pikmin can be seen wearing a Mario hat in Tree Stump Town.