Pikmin: The Dawn of Petals

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This article or section presents information pertaining to the games in the Cyberverse timeline, created by Kuutti85.
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Pikmin: The Dawn of Petals is a Pikmin game created by user Kuutti85. It is the first game in the Cyberverse timeline.


Blue Pikmin

P3 Blue Pikmin.png
Main article: Blue Pikmin

Blue Pikmin are the first Pikmin type encountered. As with all other games, Blue Pikmin are resistant to drowning.

Red Pikmin

HP Red Pikmin.png
Main article: Red Pikmin

Red Pikmin are the second Pikmin type encountered. As with all other games, they are resistant to fire.

Aqua Pikmin

Aqua Pikmin sitting.png
Main article: Aqua Pikmin

Aqua Pikmin are the third Pikmin type encountered. They are a sort of replacement for Winged Pikmin, as they can fly, and are resistant to being thrown off enemies. They carry items by flying, as to not be eaten by small grounded enemies. They may also fly over water, but unlike Winged Pikmin, they only fly when necessary.

Orange Pikmin

Kuutti85 Orange Pikmin.png
Main article: Orange_Pikmin_(miscellaneous)#Kuutti85's_version

Orange Pikmin are the fourth Pikmin type encountered.They have golden sticky hands and feet, enabling them to stick to enemies better, climb up walls and makes them resistant to slipping. Other Pikmin may be transported up by making one climb up a wall, then throwing more Pikmin onto its feet. However, each Orange Pikmin may only carry two Pikmin at a time.

Yellow Pikmin

P3 Yellow Pikmin.png
Main article: Yellow Pikmin

Yellow Pikmin are the fifth Pikmin type encountered. As with all other games, they have high throw distance and resistance to electricity.

Mushroom Pikmin

P1 Mushroom Pikmin.png
Main article: Mushroom Pikmin

Mushroom Pikmin are a type of Pikmin that appear when Pikmin are infected by a Puffstool. They also have the resistance of the Pikmin they were before they were infected. They will turn to normal once the Puffstool dies.

Rebel Mushroom Pikmin

PtDoP Rebel Mushroom Pikmin.png
Main article: Rebel Mushroom Pikmin

Rebel Mushroom Pikmin are a type of Pikmin that appear if a Puffstool doesn't spray correctly. This has a (roughly) 33.333% chance of happening. They will fight for leaders like any other Pikmin. They will also have the resistance of the Pikmin type they were before, and resistance to spores. They will attack enemies and Mushroom Pikmin normally. They will also turn back once the Puffstool dies.

Rose Pikmin

Kuutti85 Rose Pikmin.png
Main article: Rose Pikmin#Kuutti85's_version

Rose Pikmin are the sixth Pikmin type encountered. They aren't resistant to anything, but they are capable of running up walls for a short moment, before wallsliding down. In this moment, they can walljump onto places, but they are always prone to slipping. A lot.

Black Pikmin

Kuutti85 Black Pikmin.png
Main article: Black Pikmin#Kuutti85's_version

Black Pikmin are the seventh Pikmin type encountered. They are resistant to explosions and blunt force due to their shell, and they may also bounce off a creature's teeth.

Bomb Rock Pikmin

Kuutti85 Bomb Rock Pikmin.png
Main article: Bomb Rock Pikmin#Kuutti85's_version

Bomb Rock Pikmin are the eighth Pikmin type encountered. They are sometimes found hiding next to Bomb rocks, and if touched or whistled their eyes will open, and their limbs and stem will pop out. If their stripes of magma are orange, if thrown next to an enemy that isn't explosion-resistant, they will explode, either killing it or damaging it heavily. To counter this, it will have to wait one and a half minutes before exploding again. This makes the magma cool down, and in this time it will attack like a Rock Pikmin, doing the same damage but not being able to latch onto enemies.

Lime Pikmin

Lime Pikmin Kuutti85.png
Main article: Lime Pikmin#Kuutti85's_version

Lime Pikmin are resistant to acid, and can freely swim in it. They do not seem to have any characteristics at first, but they do have a thick, resilient skin.

Light Pikmin

Cyberverse Light Pikmin.png
Main article: Light Pikmin#In the Cyberverse timeline

Light Pikmin have black fur, though it can light up to reveal patterns of a certain color, sometimes making a synth noise. They can see in darkness thanks to this, and their insides, blood, scleras and petals are the same color as their fur. They may have short or long fur, and come in many colors.