Pikmin: The Duor

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Pikmin: The Duor
PTD box art.jpg
Rating E10
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Pikira, Wii U
Media Optical disc, digital download
Publisher Purple Power Inc.
Release dates December 2nd, 2021
Prequel Pikmin 3
Creator PurplePikminPower

Pikmin: The Duor is the beginning of the second series published by Purple Power Inc.. It takes place after Pikmin 3's good ending.


After the Koppaites drop Olimar off on Hocotate, the President is waits outside of Hocotate Freight. He has an urgent message for Olimar. The President loudly announces as Olimar walks up the space parking zone, "OLIMAR! The Loan Sharks went bankrupt! You got your ship back!" And there it was: the S.S. Dolphin in all of its glory. Olimar was extremely excited to get behind its controls for the first time in a long time. When he gets in, he realizes something, which was that he had left behind Louie, once again! The President orders that the S.S. Dolphin be outfitted with a second cockpit, and after that, Olimar and the President set out once again to save Louie on PNF-404.

As the S.S Dolphin slowly approaches the atmosphere of the planet and prepares to land in the Land of Rebirth, it is struck down by a Gatling Groink, which was hiding in a tree, awaiting its prey. The S.S. Dolphin survives, but its navigational systems are almost completely destroyed. Luckily, its ignition and takeoff systems are still entirely intact. Without the navigational information, there is no way to return to Hocotate. The S.S. Dolphin begins calculating the number of missing parts but is quickly interrupted by a small roar. The sound had come from a Dwarf Azure Bulborb, which is being attacked by a few Red Pikmin. The Pikmin immediately notice their hero and rush towards him, awaiting his commands. The ship then tells them that forty pieces of hardware are missing. Olimar is confused, but then the President tells him that he had secretly made the S.S. Dolphin bigger. Olimar is angry for a moment but then decides that it was probably for the best. He then sets out to find the pieces that were in the local area. The radar scan had shown that eight pieces were scattered across the immediate vicinity. Olimar then finds the first part, the Distance Computer, which was being guarded by a few Tree Swifins. Olimar also finds a strange, metal tube. He ventures inside only to be surprised by the fact that the Analytical Compositor was inside! He also spots a Grain Breadbug walking backward towards a strange leaf structure, and even worse, it is pulling the Global Viewer! Olimar goes inside only to find a large breadbug colony! He is immediately attacked by a large Loafbug and his body is carried towards the stash of items the breadbugs have taken. He awakens to find a Breadbug nibbling at the Global Viewer. He shoos it away and is found by the President and his squad of Red Pikmin. They then take back the Global Viewer and return to the landing site. They also spot the Nautical Navigator, but it is behind a large, thick patch of poisonous Pricklewhip vines. They decide to keep going, and they soon spot the Chronological Chart. They try to collect it but they are stopped when a Nusaice Dweevil picks it up and quickly flees the area. They decide to try and find a radar-type part to be able to strengthen their search signal. Their prayer is answered when they spot the Distant Dish on a ledge. They find higher ground and are able to collect it. They then find a new area, the Concrete Cavern.

Olimar and the President find themselves landing in a large, stone crevice. It is full of sharp glass and giant, disturbing monuments. The President then notices a strange structure outside the landing area. They go to investigate, and to their surprise, find the Yellow Onion! They decide to raise up their Pikmin population and then go out to try and find the rest of the parts. They spot some strange silhouettes, and they begin to search. They find the Probability Prover, which is guarded by a Fiery Blowhog. They return to the landing site, get some Red Pikmin, and try to take it down. They are successful, and they bring the Probability Prover back to the S.S. Dolphin. Olimar hears a strange, loud, thundering roar. He looks over towards a small, metal mound. He swears that he saw something there, but he dismisses it. He continues on and then finds the Tracking Tracer. He hears the noise once again and then is startled by what he sees: a terrifying Coppery Bulblax! He gets his Yellow Pikmin and flees. He luckily finds some bomb rocks hidden away in a large paper bag, which smells of sugar and frosting. He is distracted by the aroma but then remembers the dire situation that he is in. He quickly gets the bomb rocks and throws the Pikmin carrying them at the metallic grub-dog. The blasts crack its metallic hide, revealing its steaming core. He begins pelting it with his Red Pikmin and quickly takes it down. Its body begins to rust, and it falls apart, revealing the Surge Director. Olimar takes some of its body back for analysis. When he scans it, it reveals something terrible! This bulblax had been a regular Fiery Bulblax, but the Hocotitanium in the piece had gotten into its bloodstream, mutating it into a strange, metal grub-dog. He wonders if this is true for the Man-at-Legs as well. He then is notified by the S.S. Dolphin that the President is nowhere to be found! He hears a high-pitched shriek, "HELP ME!". Olimar rushes to where the noise came from, where he sees the President being chased by a furious Golden Bulblax! "Olimar, help! I thought it was a pile of treasure! HEEELP!!". Olimar quickly attacks, and soon takes the bulblax down. The President, not this used to running, is very tired, and mutters, "You... get... a raise...". Olimar notices a muffled, shrill beeping sound. Olimar goes towards the noise and then is relieved when it is only the Radioactivity Radar. Olimar then notices a large Violet Candypop Bud behind the radar. Olimar is thankful for the Purple Pikmin's superior strength. As he instructs them to carry the part, his thanks is retracted when he remembers their slow speed. Olimar then hears a "Bzrrt-DING!", and he quickly heads towards it, and then he sees a Caustic Dweevil carrying away the Heat Helper! Olimar gives chase, only to remember that he has no Blue Pikmin! He decides to go towards a glass sphere. Colored pebbles are scattered across the ground, and water puddles are seen everywhere! He hears stepping, and then he sees a gigantic Tanking Groink! The groink fires many shots, all leaving an explosion upon detonation. Olimar hides behind some of the glass and then notices something: the groink lacks a facial shield! He launches his Purple Pikmin, quickly stunning the beast. He sends in his Red Pikmin, and the large beast quickly falls. It explodes, leaving behind the Undetectable Detector! His Pikmin quickly takes the piece back, and his ship alerts him that it can now broaden its search range! He climbs aboard, and so does the President. They begin takeoff, and the radar notices several parts in the Serene Garden.