Pikmin: The Extinction

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Pikmin: The Extinction
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The Extinction, a fanon game created by Eddie20.
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Not to be confused with Pikmin Extinction.
For the event wherein a species of Pikmin suffers extinction, see Pikmin extinction.

Pikmin: The Extinction is the sequel to Pikmin 3, the plot revolves around the new captain's return to The Distant Planet, in the President's ship for a second return to the Distant planet, much to the dismay of the Sales Pitch and the new captain. Only the Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin survived the major Pikmin extinction!


The gameplay is similar to all Pikmin games, except there are more Pikmin moves! If you see a Candypop bud, it's best that you throw your Pikmin into it, to increase the population of the Pikmin! There is a new feature in the gameplay in dungeons, there are Mini-Onions to go with you in each sublevel.


Plains of Bulblax
  • First Caverns (come here on Day 2, obtain Orange Pikmin here)
  • Summerstone Pit (come here later in the game)
Great Garden
  • Explorer's Caverns
  • Den Of Bulbmin
  • Hidden Grotto
  • Bombratt Den
Morningstone Pools
  • Strange Well
  • Railroad Room
  • Giant's Bedroom
  • Dweevil Nest
  • Caustic Cavern
Final Frontier
  • Cement Labyrinth
  • Science Labs
  • Underground Fort
  • The Empereror's Dungeon