Pikmin: The Final Judgment

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Pikmin: The Final Judgment
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The Final Judgment, a fanon game created by ÁlvaroSapo30.
Pikmin: The Final Judgment
Rating Unknown
Genre Unknown
Platforms Wii
Media Optical disc
Creator ÁlvaroSapo30

Pikmin: The Final Judgment is a fanon game created by ÁlvaroSapo30 for the Wii. It comments on the real-world biblical Judgment Day and features several Nintendo characters, the game's creator, Álvaro, and God and Satan.


After having so many adventures on the Pikmin Planet, Olimar has forgotten the warning his wife gave him about the Final Judgment about to take place on Hocotate. When it started, the Pikmin traveled to Hocotate to help Olimar save his homeland.



Playable characters