Pikmin: The Final Stretch

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Pikmin: The Final Stretch
PTFS box art.png
Rating E10+
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Media Unknown
Publisher Unknown
Prequel Pikmin 3
Sequel None
Creator BreadbugsRgodly

Pikmin: The Final Stretch is a fanon Pikmin game by BreadbugsRgodly.


After returning to their home planet of Koppai, Alph, Brittany, and Charlie are immediately sent back to PNF-404 to gather materials such as tree seeds and wood. The trio invites Olimar to help, and Olimar accepts because he wishes to search for Louie. After entering PNF-404's atmosphere, their ship collides with a Master Onion, separating the explorers as well each of the Onions making up the Master Onion. In order, the Onions are Red, Winged, White, Purple, Spirit, Siren, Rock, and lastly, Blue.

Charlie, whom Brittany throws overboard overnight, finds himself at the Cave of the Forest. He explores until he is eaten by a massive wollywog, the location's boss. Alph, Brittany, and Olimar reunite, and at some point along the line they discover a species of Pikmin species called Minmin, which have no Onion, and only appear in caves, which they can not leave.

Once Charlie is freed and Brittany confesses to him and them what she had done that resulted in his predicament, Charlie presents to the group a data file he found within the beast that ate him. It happens to have been written by Louie, and reads as follows: "Olimar… if you find this… I'm saying I'm sorry. I know I've been a brat, but it is not my fault… it's that dumb wraith I tried to eat that has been possessing me this whole time… if you find this, remember that I'm at a different area of the oak, which I call the Desert of Sorrow."

Alph, Brittany, Charlie, and Olimar then travel to the Desert of Sorrow. It is revealed that the Plasm Wraith is imprisoned within the Waterwraith's dimension, and as Louie approached the Tree of Onions, he became trapped there as well. Alph, Brittany, Charlie, and Olimar travel through the cave, which is laden with puzzles and traps.

When the interdimensional key is brought into the tree to free Louie, the Plasm Wraith also escapes and then possesses the Tree of Onions, triggering the final battle against the Tree of the End. Here, Spirit Pikmin are used to scare the Plasm Wraith, stunning it and allowing its bark to be broken off by throwing Rock Pikmin at it, opening the creature to attack. Waves of enemies assist the Plasm Wraith throughout the battle, which takes place at night. After forcing the Plasm Wraith from the tree, it becomes helpless because it loses every ounce of its power. Afterwards, Louie is saved and apologizes for his behavior, and him and Olimar are dropped off on Hocotate on the Koppaite trio's way back to Koppai with their new materials.

Gameplay modes

Bulborb Mode

Bulborb Mode is downloadable content for Pikmin: The Final Stretch that sees a Red Bulborb seeking to avenge its Pikmin friends, the target being an Emperor Bulblax that tried to eat them. As a bulborb, it is possible to bite with Switch A.png, shake off attackers with Switch B.png, and sleep with Switch Y.png. Until a playthrough of Bulborb Mode is completed, it is possible to see the bulborb in out-of-bounds locations in story mode.