Pikmin: The Tripe of the Distant Planet

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Pikmin: The Tripe of the Distant Planet
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The Tripe of the Distant Planet, a fanfiction created by New Pikminjp.
To do: Figure out what a "tripe" is or is a misspelling of.

Pikmin: The Tripe of the Distant Planet is a Pikmin fanfiction written by New Pikminjp. It is about a Pikmin named Blassa, his hardships, conflicts, and training.


The story begins as a young Pikmin named Blassa is trying to survive in a tripe called the Blamins. However, this is no easy feat, since mischief rates are at an all-time high, and a lot must be done to help. He later hopes to become stronger by going on an adventure. Can he possibly stop mischief from vicious creatures, and protect not only his wife, but also his homeland?

Chapter 1: A Heroic Mist

"Help!" cried a Pikmin as she was being chased by a Common Cutter Beetle. Blassa came charging as fast as light, pulling up his leaf and angling it into a fighting position, and jumping as high as a wollywog, toward his enemy. He uses his strength to try to flip it over, and indeed it did. Blassa struck it with his stem as rapidly as he could while putting some punches into the mix. The warsect recovered and flung him all the way to the other side of the village.

Everyone grabbed each other in fright, that this was the end... but while the Common Cutter Beetle came charging towards him, saying "You picked with the wrong guy, pluck-head!", Blassa thankfully recovered and stood, brimming with confidence, waiting for the next move. He grabbed a stick and quickly threw it like a javelin. The Common Cutter Beetle was impaled and quickly flipped over, its shell having broken off. Pikmin from all over were shocked by this sudden change in events, and they realized that it would be the end for the warsect.

The warsect gurgled out faintly, "Who... are you...?!".

"The guy you shouldn't have picked to mess with," Blassa remarked boldly.

Blassa lifted his leaf high and slammed his stem down on the cutter beetle's head like thunder as a finishing move. The creature screeched in agony as it died. After a moment of silence, Blamin shed their tears and came running towards Blassa to hoist him up and toss him into the air, crying and screaming with joy. Blassa said sheepishly, "Ha, am I not helpful?"

Chapter 2: Coping With Daily Life

"Wake up, Blassa," says a blurry Pikmin figure. Blassa groaned as he regained consciousness, and realized who was speaking to him. It was the chief of the Blamin!

"Oh, h-hello, Chief," Blassa said quietly.

The chief asked, "What are you doing?"

"...Sleeping on the job."

"Wake up now, or else serious things are going to happen!"

"Alright," Blassa said with a grin.

Blassa's job was no easy feat. To support his family, he lifts heavy rocks as part of construction work.

"One day, I shall have my way," he whispered to himself, "the awesome heroic way."

He lifted some heavy rocks for the new Onions to be built. After a while, he was sent back home, exhausted. He was preparing some nectar when his wife asked "What's wrong, sweetheart?"

"Nothing much. I'm really tired from work. How's the adoption business going?"

"Doing well."

"That's a relief. And, I must ask you something. Do you think I would be purposeless?"

"No, why would you think that?"

"It gets me thinking that all I am is just a Pikmin who, all his life, is making roads, towers, and all that."

"Don't think that. You have a purpose. Everyone does."



Blassa smiled and waved goodbye. He thought to himself, "She's right. If I tried, I'm sure I can do something that I always dreamed of." Blassa went outside to look for the local colosseum, one he might be able to train in. He found something similar: Blamin Strike Match. "Alright, here goes," he said boldly to himself before charging inside.

Chapter 3: Strength Daredevil

Blassa entered the core of the colosseum, hoping to find a worthy opponent. Jack was his name, or so Blassa assumed because that was the name imprinted on his body. He had a very unique appearance and looked like a strong warrior, complete with bulging muscles.

"Yo, Jack!" Blassa called out.

Jack turned towards and approached Blassa and got really close up to him. Such proximity to Jack only made him appear all the more imposing, and little did Blassa know that Jack was a regional champion in the colosseum.

Blassa said boldly, "Let's fight!"

Jack retorted in his booming voice, "You really want to challenge me, squirt?

"Hah, how strong can you really be?"

Jack smiled. "Look, I'll accept your challenge, but I'm going to mop the floor with you."

"I'd like to see you try. Go cry to mommy when you lose!"

"Not going to happen. Run away with your pride while you still can."

"Shut up, bring it on!"

By now, a crowd of onlookers has formed around Blassa and Jack.

"You've got guts, little man. Let's see if you can hold up in the ring."

Blassa left the colosseum proudly, feeling as confident as ever, and returned home. He came to his wife and his wife said with a question, "Well, don't you look manly! What's the news?"

"Haven't you heard? I'm battling in the colosseum."

"Oh, who are you going to compete against?"


"Jack?!" She dropped her cup in astonishment, and become fearful. "Are you mad?!"

"What's wrong? You think I'm going to lose?"

"You do realize who Jack is, yes?"


"Jack is one of the regional champions!"



"Oh, what will I do?"

"Well, I'm not trying to be smart here, but I would hope you noticed his six-pack, scars, and tattoos."

"I should have realized..."

"Have you considered forfeiting the match?"

"Um, well, about that... I kinda, you know, ticked him off."

"I'll be praying for you, honey."

Chapter 4: The Unfortunate Draw

Blassa started to get really worried about the mistake that he made. He held his head in fear. He gulped, cleared his throat, and said to himself, "All I have to do is survive." He held his head and chest up high as he marched into the arena. Inside, everyone was fervently cheering for their favorite fighters and holding signs supporting them. The sound was deafening, almost making the structure tremble. Blassa could already feel the utter pain and suffering Jack was going to inflict upon him with a swing of his burly fist alone. Soon, Jack came roaring through the entryway, flexing his muscles and basking in the audience's adoration that only grew more intense the closer he drew to Blassa. Blassa felt they were cheering not only for Jack but also for his own inevitable loss.

Jack grabbed Blassa by the neck and lifted him up.

"You shouldn't have challenged me, punk! Prepare to suffer!" Jack yelled in Blassa's face before dropping him to the ground.

Blassa gasped for air, and thought to himself, "I just have to survive, and that's it..."

The starting bell rang so loudly that Blassa felt it almost knocked him out right there. Jack stomped up to puny, helpless Blassa, and commenced his doomsday combo by striking his chest and chin with his arms of steel and then finishing it by hitting him with his wrecking ball punch, knocking Blassa to the floor hard. However, all was not over for Blassa, as the thought of survival lifted him to his feet. Jack was utterly shocked that Blassa wasn't knocked out cold by even the first hit. Jack shook the surprise and resumed his assault, throwing his fists as well as insults to tear Blassa down physically and mentally. But Blassa withstood every blow Jack delivered, and even the crowd was shocked at Blassa's tenacity.

The audience started to jeer at Jack for his poor performance. After a little while longer, Jack did the unexpected: he stopped, sighed, and stopped the fight. "Enough." Everyone in the colosseum gasped.

Jack put a hand on Blassa's shoulder and talked to him face-to-face while everyone watched in confusion.

"Blassa, you don't have to do this."

"Wait, why?"

"You may not be big and muscular like me, but you're strong."

Jack formally forfeited the match, and afterward, as time seemed to have stood still, said to Blassa, "Blassa, one tip of advice! Head towards adventure. That will make you stronger, even more than you are now. Look, I don't have the energy to take you down, and you have lots to learn. But once you finish training... come to me. I'll be here." Blassa took the message to heart and promised himself to remember it for the rest of time.

Chapter 5: Time of Separation

"An adventure," Blassa thought to himself as he walked out of the arena. His wife came charging after him, her arms wide open.

"Blassa!" she yelled.

"I'm alive," he said.

She gave him a colossal hug. However, the moment is cut short when a Fiery Blowhog came charging toward the colosseum. It blew what felt like sunfire and started to burn down the place. "That dastardly blowhog," said Blassa as the blowhog drew near. The blowhog and Blassa exchanged glares. It started to inhale until its body bloated up like a Puffy Blowhog's and blew scorching flames, almost incinerating Blassa, but Blassa wasn't willing to lose just yet. Blassa leaped onto the blowhog and started landing punches, but he was too weak to actually harm the blowhog. He soon tired out, was slapped in the face by its trunk, and promptly fell off before getting up again.

As a blazing inferno consumed the colosseum, Blassa realized that Jack was trapped inside. Without hesitating, Blassa charged inside, grabbed Jack's body, and rushed to the nearest health center. Meanwhile, the blowhog was plotting its next move and said to itself "Har, ye scurvy wimps, ye can't even bring me down. I'm out of here, for ye can't even stand the blast, har har!" The blowhog soon fled. At the clinic, Jack comes to and looks around to see who saved him, but already knew Blassa did.

Jack said heartily, "Thank you, rough-and-ready duelist, that blowhog sure got the ring on me..."

"You're welcome," Blassa replied.

Jack looked at Blassa's wife and said, "You know... maybe I'm not battle ready yet."

Blassa's eyes popped at the response of someone who has just treated him as his personal punching bag. "Why'd you say that?"

"Well... Did you see what just happened? My senses weren't sharp enough to spot a sneak attack. You know what, I must get better, and if you're planning on an adventure... why not bring me?"

Jack tried to hide his joy as he waited for an answer. "Why not?"

"Then it's settled. We shall leave after today. I can't afford to be missing out on training for too long!"

"Alright then," Blassa answered.

"Oh yeah, may as well tell your loved ones that we're leaving. Chances are... there is no return."

"Okay..." He soon said his byes to everyone but one, and that one would be his wife since she lives with him. He got ready for his important nap, and that's how his adventure began.