Pikmin: Timeloop/Dawn of July 1

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"Hi Chrim! Wake up! WAKE UP!"

"Whoa!... Hey, Lav, why'd ya wake me up! I was having an important dream!"

You're in your room, with nothing but a bed and a small radio. Radios are one of many of King Olimar's gifts to the Pikmin, and many haven't even figured out how to turn it on yet, You've been able to figure it out, fortunately.

Lav, a Purple Pikmin and one of your best friends, was standing beside you, coaxing you the whole time to get up. No wonder your dream was interrupted!

"What was your dream? Scarlet finally asked you out? It's never gonna happen, dude..." said Lav.

"It wasn't about Scarlet, you idiot. Something else." Scarlet was the love of your life, even though you've only known her for a month. She's only talked to you once, and it was purely professional. As a Scout for Pellet Search Co., you had to report Pellet Posy locations, as well as their density, color, and highest Pellet. She was the Captain of the Harvest Division, so she spearheaded the extraction, and you had to report a location to her once, only two days ago.

"Then what was it about then, loverose?" Lav said.

"It was about... Y'know, I don't remember. Probably wasn't anything important," you said. "Say, If you're a Purple, then how'd you get into the Red Onion?"

"I have my ways. Want a fake ID of yourself?"

Classic Lav. Why are you friends with him, anyway? "Just out of curiosity, why did you wake me up at five in the evening? We don't report to work until eight, and heck, the sun won't rise for another hour!" you said.

"Because, seed-for-brain, if we go out early, we get more time to look for a Posy field. See? I think sometimes." Lav said.

"Oh, hey... that's pretty smart. But again, the sun doesn't come up for an hour, and the Onion won't eve touch down untill seven," you said.

"That's why I stole- er, "borrowed" these parachutes from the Armory on the way up. Don't worry, I hear from the surviving testers that it feels like being thrown, except a lot worse."

Ugh. Seriously?

Suddenly, the radio crackles on. "Attention Red Pikmin: We need YOU to help guard our brave Extraction Squads! Become a member of a Guard Squad! HIGH PAYING, PLENTY OF POSITIONS AVAILABLE. NO PAST EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! For those interested, please report to Center Field at seven."

"Hmm, that sounds fun..." Lav said.

"And dangerous, " you said.

"Well, it's your call, Chrim," Lav said.


  • Path A - Take the experimental parachutes and jump before sunrise. Go here.
  • Path B - Leave at seven and sign up for a Guard Squad. Go here.
  • Path C - Go to the job you already have, and look for a Posy field. Go here.