Pikmin: Timeloop/July 1 Path BB End

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Chrim, wake up...

"What? Oh, this again," you say.

You are floating in a greyish-white void of seeming nothingness. The only things here are you and a cloud of mist in front of you. There's something inside, almost Pikmin-shaped, but you can't make out what's in there.

You failed today, Chrim.

"What? What do you mean?"

Because of your actions, the Pikmin are doomed to enslavement.

"What? Hey, what's going on?"

Perhaps next time you will choose differently...

On that, the cloud of mist dissapeared.

"Hey, don't leave!"

The last thing you remember is a bright flash of light, then nothing.


Your score is 25.

  • Joined Guard Squad +25

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