Pikmin: Timeloop/July 1 Path C

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You decide to tell Lav that you want to stay in the Scout Squad.

"You're no fun sometimes, seed-for-brain," he says. "I'm jumping, with or without you."

"Suit yourself," you say.

The Onion touches down, and you leave the Onion. The Landing Site is a grassy, circular area, with four paths leading out in the cardinal directions. The Blue Onion and Yellow Onion have extensions for the Purple and White Pikmin, respectively. It seems that a storm recently passed by, as charred logs are blocking all of the paths but the North path, to Circle Field.

You go north and see the Guard Squad standing in formation. You pass by them and go to the west, to meet with the Scout Squad. You remember it's your turn to lead the Squad.

From here, there are three paths. You remember the one on the North is already well explored, so that's not a good spot to go. That leaves the West and South paths. You ask for a vote. It's a tie, but you haven't voted yet.