Pikmin: Triad War

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Prepare for war!
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Triad War, a fanon game created by Zen the dark lord of PNF-404.
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Pikmin: Triad War
Rating 12+, Teen
Genre Action sci-fi
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Media Cartridge
Publisher Pikmin Fanon Incorporated
Release dates North America: unknown
Europe: unknown
Japan: unknown
Prequel Pikmin 3
Sequel Pikmin: Green Dawn
Creator Zen the dark lord of PNF-404

Pikmin: Triad War is a Pikmin fan game made by Zen the dark lord of PNF-404. It is the first game in the Triad War timeline. Unlike most other Pikmin fangames, Pikmin: Triad War has a maturity rating of 12, or teen in the United States, for mild violence, minimal blood, mild language, and dark themes. The concept for this fangame was inspired by a series of edits, which were later reverted, to Pikmin: The Rise of the Illuminati's page.


Olimar and Louie meet with the President after Alph, Brittany, and Charlie return the pair to Hocotate. They fear having to return to PNF-404 to collect treasures to pay Hocotate Freight's current debt, despite not having a ship to get there. However, they are pleasantly surprised when the President informs them that the debt has been paid by a company named Terra Co. and that he's not sure why, although he is glad the company did Hocotate Freight the favor. He then apologizes to Olimar and Louie for getting the company into debt again because of his own greed and allows the two leaders to spend quality time with their friends and family. Olimar and Louie then realize that their families might not have any money, but their assumptions turn out to be false. While Olimar was gone, his wife got a job and has Olimar's cousin, Michael, look after Olimar's son and daughter while she's away. Olimar greets his family and walks upstairs to the study to check his email and research Terra Co. He reads an email from the President about wanting to meet at Hocotate Freight first thing in the morning. When he engages in his research, Olimar discovers that the million-Poko company is based on Koppai. He presumes that Alph, Brittany, and Charlie must have realized that he would probably have no money, so when they got back to their planet, they must have had the government pay the debt off. He thinks it was nice of them to do, even though he doesn't know what he did to deserve it. He decides not to dwell on it and then goes to bed.

One week later, Olimar wakes up at around three in the morning for an inexplicable reason, and when he rolls over to find a new position, he notices a note lying on his bedside table. Olimar grabs the note and, before contacting the local authorities to inform them of an intruder in his home, reads the note.

It reads:

Dear Olimar,

You may be wondering how this note wound up in your home. I left it here for you. Don't worry, I didn't steal anything, I have no reason to. I have something important to tell you, but I need to see you in person. Meet me behind the Hocotate Freight building at 10 AM. If you don't think you can trust me, take a look around the house whenever you get out of your bed.

Olimar, who is scared but still sleepy, returns to his slumber until his alarm clock rings at seven in the morning.

Soon enough, the distinctive beeping of his alarm clock wakes him up. Olimar gets ready for work and then looks around his home to find that the mysterious person who wrote the note was, in fact, truthful about having not committed theft. Afterward, as usual, he leaves his home and walks to the train station to board a train that stops near Hocotate Freight. He arrives at 9:30 AM and passes the time until ten o'clock, the time he was told by the stranger to meet them at the back of the building. There, Olimar meets with a man wearing a sweatshirt. Olimar asks the man if he is the one who left the note, and the man smiles and assures Olimar that he didn't steal anything. Olimar then asks the man why he arranged this meeting, and the man tells Olimar that his family is in great danger. A troubled look washes over Olimar's face. The man continues, stating that it isn't just Olimar's family that is in danger, as Hocotate and even the entire solar system also are. Olimar inquires as to why this is, and the man mentions an organization that is planning to build a large machine, possibly a weapon, but can not mention the organization's name under the threat of death. Olimar asks why, of all people, he was the one to be contacted, and the man explains that he knows that the organization operates at least partially on PNF-404 and that Olimar can combat it there without attracting too much attention because he is one person. He exhibits knowledge of alien life by further explaining that Olimar can quickly amass an army of Pikmin because he has worked alongside them for a long time and used them to combat the organization without question. Afterward, Olimar asks the man if he is seriously asking him to defeat a secretive organization and their weapon using only the Pikmin, and the man says yes. The man then tells Olimar that he can bring people with him to aid him if he wants to and that Olimar must depart for PNF-404 as soon as possible to have as much time to accomplish his goal as needed and to lower the chances of the man himself being killed. Olimar asks the man how he will reach the planet without a ship, and the man says he already arranged for that. Olimar and the man depart, both going their own separate ways, Olimar heads home, ready for the task ahead.

After taking a few hours to think, Olimar decides that he will go at it alone to avoid jeopardizing anyone else's life. He knows that Michael will have no interest and that asking Louie may not be good for his family. Olimar lies to his wife, informing her that he must travel to PNF-404 to run some errands for the President. She is very upset by the news but soon realizes that he spent some much-needed time with her and the family and that they will be getting plenty of money. Olimar packs his essentials, including pikpik carrots, and heads off the Hocotate Freight.

When Olimar reaches his destination, he discovers a new ship there. It resembles the S.S. Dolphin but more developed. He boards it and blasts off towards PNF-404. Most of the journey is peaceful and smooth until he gets three-quarters of the way there, where he is attacked by space pirates, who attempt to hunt him down to steal his valuables. Olimar takes his chances and escapes into an asteroid field near PNF-404. The space pirates nearly catch up to him but are detected by a weapon that was concealed within an asteroid and Olimar tripped when he passed it. The missiles it fires annihilate the space pirates' spaceship, and Olimar manages to evade the missile pursuing his vessel. However, at the last second, an asteroid clips the S.S. Dolphin's side, and the ship plummets towards PNF-404.

The wrecked S.S. Dolphin, with Olimar still inside, crashlands at Volatile Glade. There, he reunites with the Red Pikmin and helps them defeat a Red Bulborb for them to bring to their Onion. He has the Red Pikmin destroy a bramble gate preventing him from reaching his beloved ship's main engine. After collecting it, at the end of the day, both the S.S. Dolphin and the Red Onion go into orbit.



To do: Determine if sub-areas are really worth having separate from normal areas considering they are literally just areas.

There are two types of areas: normal areas and sub-areas. Sub-areas are much smaller than normal areas.

Normal areas


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