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"It's a jungle out there!"
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Wide World, a fanon game created by Cheepy-Cheepy.
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Challenge Mode is an alternate game mode in Pikmin: Wide World that combines elements from Pikmin 1's and Pikmin 2's Challenge Modes and Pikmin 3's Mission Mode. It is permanently unlocked by collecting the Telecommunications Device upgrade in any Story Mode save game. There are sixty stages total, including both the standard stages and the remixed versions unlocked by completing them with a high enough score. Stages are presented in sets of five, with the fifth stage of each set being a fight against a story mode boss. A particular set of Pikmin are provided in each stage, but more Pikmin or different kinds of them may be accessed in those stages to complete them. Up to four players can play together locally, online, or both to set new records for various stages, but this must be set up in the stage select screen.

Each stage has three objectives that are achieved separately, and they are Produce Pikmin!, Gather Treasures!, and Eliminate Enemies!. There is also a fourth objective, Battle Bosses!, which is exclusive to stages focused on a major boss in story mode and the only objective those stages have. Stages can take place above ground or in caves, the latter consisting of sublevels. Additionally, aboveground stages have static layouts, while those of underground stages are dynamic. Explorable space in either is also limited in various ways, as aboveground stages are surrounded by impassible terrain or indestructible obstacles, and underground stages are simple interiors. No matter the setting, each stage has a specific time limit, as indicated by a timer on the heads-up display.

Upon the completion of a stage, a benchmark medal and a flower badge are awarded to the player to rank their performance for that particular stage. The flower badge's tier can not surpass the benchmark medal's equivalent tier, only match it at most, to prevent cheating by doing nothing until the stage's timer runs out. Benchmark medals represent how high of a score was achieved for a particular stage, with the tiers, ordered from lowest to highest, being bronze, silver, and notably gold, which signifies the total score for a stage was reached or even surpassed. Flower badges represent how many Pikmin deaths occurred in a particular stage, with the tiers again ordered from worst to best: a white flower indicates some deaths, a pink flower signifies few deaths, and an indigo flower means there were no deaths whatsoever. In multiplayer, every player is awarded the same medal and flower badge upon the completion of a stage, and if it is a personal best, recorded on their save files.

Stages immediately end when their objectives are fulfilled in their entirety, and any extra time remaining is converted into points. Running out of time will end the stage, with the current score being recorded if it was a personal best, and a prompt will ask if the player would like to finish the stage. If accepted, gameplay will enter "after-hours" and continue from where it left off, with the timer counting up rather than down, to help the player understand how much more time they would have taken to complete the stage. Scores achieved during after-hours are not recorded whatsoever.

Completing every Challenge Mode stage with a gold benchmark medal and indigo flower badge is one of the several requirements to unlock Pikpik carrots as a usable Pikmin type in Battle Mode and Bottomless Abyss.


  1. Pretty Prairie
  2. Dingy Dugout
  3. Forgotten Garden
  4. Serene Shore
  5. The Colossal Cottonade
  6. Weathered Field
  7. Arctic Abode
  8. Preserved Pit
  9. Frozen Fields
  10. The Brumal Arcticlops
  11. Rocky Road
  12. Cement City
  13. Rebar Labyrinth
  14. Steel Stronghold
  15. The Plasm Wraith
  16. Sandstone Citadel
  17. Perplexing Paradise
  18. Corroded Catwalk
  19. Jellyfloat Pool
  20. The Titan Weaver Dweevil
  21. Impenetrable Prison
  22. Foreboding Forest
  23. Timber Maze
  24. Mandiblard Nest
  25. The Hydroe Host
  26. Study Floor
  27. Wooden Expanse
  28. Mosaic Maze
  29. Breadbug Den
  30. The Grimacing Cremblub
  1. Pretty Prairie Remix
  2. Dingy Dugout Remix
  3. Forgotten Garden Remix
  4. Serene Shore Remix
  5. Colossal Cottonade Remix
  6. Weathered Field Remix
  7. Arctic Abode Remix
  8. Preserved Pit Remix
  9. Frozen Fields Remix
  10. Brumal Arcticlops Remix
  11. Rocky Road Remix
  12. Cement City Remix
  13. Rebar Labyrinth Remix
  14. Steel Stronghold Remix
  15. Plasm Wraith Remix
  16. Sandstone Citadel Remix
  17. Perplexing Paradise Remix
  18. Corroded Catwalk Remix
  19. Jellyfloat Pool Remix
  20. Titan Weaver Dweevil Remix
  21. Impenetrable Prison Remix
  22. Foreboding Forest Remix
  23. Timber Maze Remix
  24. Mandiblard Nest Remix
  25. Hydroe Host Remix
  26. Study Floor Remix
  27. Wooden Expanse Remix
  28. Mosaic Maze Remix
  29. Breadbug Den Remix
  30. Grimacing Cremblub Remix