PikminFanon:Area article guidelines

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This page contains information relating to Pikmin Fanon's policies and guidelines.

These guidelines apply to area articles. The following sections should exist, with the names and order provided.

Opening paragraphs

The article starts with {{media}}, or a respective media banner, followed by {{infobox area}}. The opening text, which is not in its own section, should describe what the area is like in the broadest terms possible: how the area is reached, what the most important events that take place in it are, what Pikmin are discovered there, what boss or bosses it has, and other basic points about the area. Miscellaneous geographical features such as hidden murals should be mentioned in this section. Additionally, it is optional to mention what specific enemies show up during sunset, as well as any other important information about the area's specific sunset period.


If there are any relevant plot events regarding this area, list them here.


This section explains the geographical properties of the area, such as:

  • Its theme, whether it's a garden, desert, and so forth;
  • Its size;
  • Its structure, whether it's a maze, open-ended, and so on;
  • Type and distribution of the terrain;
  • Types of structures of interest, such as several tree stumps, or a lake;
  • Its linearity, whether it is mostly open with equal exploration on all points of the land, or if it's mostly linear, with clear start and end points;
  • How much vertical variation there is;
  • If it's surrounded by water, pits, or something else.

Key sections

This section should explain the different sections of the area, including cardinal direction references, and list all portions of an area. For example: "To the north, there is a large circular arena accessible at a higher ground level. A rabid beast here guards a relic within a small alcove in its territory." Each item in this list should be a faux section, which is done by typing a semicolon (;) at the start of a line.


This section should list and link to the caves, towers, dungeons, and similar sublocations the area contains. It can be named after its contents if they are all of the same kind, such as this section being named "caves" if it contains only caves.


If this area has no cutscenes, then exclude this section. Otherwise, it should contain a table with all of the cutscenes: one column has a brief title for the cutscene, one contains an image, if one is available, one explains what triggers it, including special requirements, and the final narrates the cutscene. The skeleton for the table is:

{| class="wikitable"
! Cutscene || Image || Trigger || Description
! <name>
| [[File:|px]]
| <trigger>
| <description>


A section listing the contents of an area. It should follow the content list guidelines, except that every category should be its own subsection. Unless impractical, have each list in two columns, using {{columns}}.

Data files

This section should contain a list of what data files can be found here, separated by their category. The section should start with {{main|Data file}}.


The gallery should contain some images showing most of the points of interest and notable sections in the area. The gallery should also include the image shown on the infobox. Exclude this section if the image shown in the infobox is the only image of the area.

Bottom of the article

Unless there are no related navigation templates to populate it, {{navboxes}} should be present at the bottom of the page, above any specified categories.