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This page contains information relating to Pikmin Fanon's policies and guidelines.

These guidelines apply to enemy and vegetation articles. The following sections should exist, with the names and order provided.


The opening to the article explains, with minimal detail, what the enemy or plant is in general and does not have a respective header. Additionally, {{infobox info}} must be present alongside the information, placed above the sentences, to provide a meager bit of additional information and to properly categorize the page. Unless absolutely necessary, especially for canonical content, refrain from describing the enemy's or plant's appearance or its relation to other members of its family, only its behaviors. Additionally, avoid describing the enemy or plant by comparing or contrasting it to a different one.

A customizable skeleton for the synopsis is:

{{infobox info}}

The '''<subject>''' is a species of [[<family> family|<family>]] that...



If the enemy or plant has no known family, omit the "family" field from the infobox, and simply focus on the enemy or plant in the synopsis. The gallery section is necessary only if the enemy or plant has several differing physical appearances in the canonical Pikmin games or has several otherwise unused fanmade images that don't belong anywhere else. Gallery images should have captions such as "Appearance in Pikmin 2 ({{icon}})." or "As envisioned by User."

In fanon media

Because some fanmade content comes in the form of fanfictions or standalone ideas rather than fangame content, this section is forked. This section in itself should not be included on pages, but the following should as individual headers, when applicable, and in the following order:

  1. In fanon writing
  2. In fanon games
  3. User versions

Each section should be a level one heading, done by typing =<name>=. It should immediately follow the synopsis and contain only {{in fanon games}}, always with the the= condition set as true.

Fanon media subsections

Each of the three fanon media sections should contain at least one entry detailing the enemy or plant. Each subsection should be in alphabetical order, have a level two heading (==<name>==), start with {{media}} or a specific media header linking the writing or game the enemy or plant is in, have {{infobox enemy}} or {{infobox plant}}, and end with {{clear}}, followed by a space. User sections have {{see}} in place of a media banner template.

There is much freedom in creating a subsection's content, although it should contain at least an introduction including the enemy or plant's name as well as its family, if available, and the name of the writing or game in which it appears. With the exception of the introductory sentence, details can be presented in any order, and in the form of a single paragraph or several paragraphs. Presented details can be of any length, even if they are only one sentence long, but should be explained in an objective manner. Note that none of the following suggested details are mandatory, but are useful for expanding article sections and articles overall, preventing them from becoming stubs.

  • For enemies specifically, mention its behaviors when alone and near prey or other enemies, what it does when it wanders too far from its territory or can not reach its prey, how it attacks, including how it shakes Pikmin off, the maximum amount of Pikmin it can attack at once, its reaction to hazards or objects, and how it dies. Additionally, be sure to mention strategies against the enemy. Strategies should always describe how to properly kill the enemy using Pikmin and with minimal losses, as well as its strengths and weaknesses, but can also mention whether or not leaders can kill the enemy as well.
  • For both enemies and plants, immediately after the introductory sentence, mention its appearance, where the enemy or plant is or can be encountered, its rarity, and its relationship with similar enemies or plants. Additionally, mention a special role it may have, and any differences it may have between difficulties and game modes.
  • For plants specifically, mention what it is or can be used for, any special characteristics it has, and so on.

Afterward, place a gallery section if necessary, akin to the section described in the synopsis section.

Under the enemy's or plant's description, under the gallery if one exists, place a level three header (===<name>===) named "Notes", and include {{notes}}.

Bottom of the article

Unless there are no related navigation templates to populate it, {{navboxes}} should follow the final fanon content subsection of a page, above any specified categories.