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Welcome to Pikmin Fanon! This page is meant to address the issues that users new to this wiki and wikis in general face. If you can't find an answer to your question here, check out the Help Contents or ask another user on their talk page.


How do I sign my talk page posts?

To sign a post, simply type four tildes (~~~~).

Where is the tilde button on the keyboard?

The tilde button can be found at the top left of the keyboard.

How do I make a cool signature for myself?

To make a custom signature, first make a subpage to your userpage (see [[Help:Sub if you don't know how) called User:(Your username)/sig. On that page, add a link to your userpage, and edit your username as you want it to appear in your signature, maybe by changing the text color, adding an image, and/or including a link to your talk page as well.

After you fixed up your custom sig to your liking, you now (quite obviously) want to display it. To do so, save your creation, then create another subpage called User:(Your username)/sig2. On that page, write {{SUBST:User:(Your username)/sig and then save this page as well. After that, click the "Preferences button" in the upper right hand corner to go to your preferences screen. In the "Nickname" field (right under your email address), add {{SUBST:User:(yourname)/sig2}}, make sure that "Custom signature" is checked, and save. Now when you sign your name, your normal, plain, sig should be replaced by your colorful, personolized custom sig.

  • Example: Take a look at some other user's sigs for examples of code to use. If you find one you like, you can take a look at the source by adding "/sig" (or sometimes its "/Sig") at the end of the user in question's userpage.