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This page contains information relating to Pikmin Fanon's policies and guidelines.

Pikmin Fanon features articles and files on its main page at least every two months. They are well-made, have a high quality and degree of workmanship, and follow the policies and guidelines. Previously featured content is kept in its own category.

All editors are encouraged to nominate and vote here on articles and files they want to see featured on the wiki's front page. When the time comes to nominate new content, one staff member is tasked with checking the nominations, discussing tie-breakers and other details with the community, and updating the front page. Additionally, the formerly featured content should be moved to the nomination archive.

Note that diminished activity on the wiki may prolong the period in which content is featured. Additionally, during periods of low activity, staff members may choose new content to feature without needing any prior consensus, although they must still abide by the rules just as anyone else.


  • Content may not be nominated by its creator.
  • Articles must have meaningful information, proper formatting, and acceptable spelling and grammar.
  • Files must be used, have proper licensing, and be of exceptional quality, with much effort put into them.

Depreciated systems

The following items used to be part of the featured content processes but have since fallen out of use.

Featured Pikmin

Pikmin Fanon previously featured fanmade Pikmin using the same processes to determine featured articles and files. They were displayed on the main page, below the featured article, and their articles would be marked with the {{fp}} template in much the same way featured articles are marked with {{fa}} and featured files {{ff}}. A collection of featured Pikmin is found here.