PikminFanon:Navigation box guidelines

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This page contains information relating to Pikmin Fanon's policies and guidelines.

The following guidelines apply to navigation templates. Because some navboxes may have a radically different format, not all rules here will apply to all templates.

General style

The navbox should be a table that has the "navbox mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" classes so that it starts off minimized but can be expanded. Text on the navbox should try to be normal-sized; don't decrease the font size needlessly. Also, make sure the navbox's width is 96%.

Table format

The table should start with one header line, with the title of the navigation theme, linking to the appropriate page or category. Then, individual headings can contain content from above, or from the left.


The list of pages should be written using the template {{ni}}.

There should always be navigation items in text form; for navboxes that focus primarily on having icons as their navigatable content, the items should also exist in text form somewhere on the template, like right next to each icon, or as a list below the list of icons.


Infoboxes and navboxes may categorize the articles they are included in. If the articles that will be using these navboxes should also use infoboxes, then let the infobox categorize the article in the correct category.