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This page (not the talk page) should be used to think of featured articles on the Main Page. I'm not sure why it got redirected to the poll, but it would be nice to have a place to brainstorm some ideas. Thoughts? ~ I'm PikP2 Yellow Bulborb icon.pngFan23 and I approve this Bulborb. (Sysop)


Suggested rules for image features

  • Must have proper licensing on their file page
  • Must be a good quality image (not poorly drawn or compiled, blurry/frizzy-edged, or small; I would not suggest simple recolors of concept art or images that mix two styles, such as 3D concept art with 2D "paint-ons"; though good drawings and other forms of 2D imagery by themselves are fine)
  • Must appear on a good quality article (good quality being defined as following rules pertaining to page formatting, having a good amount of information, and without spelling or grammar errors)
  • Must look cool (images with backgrounds or fanon "screenshots" are ideal but not required) and represent the wiki in a positive way

Suggested rules for featured articles

  • Article must represent a good idea attatched to a good quality fan game or other project that is either well under way and being constantly improved or is completely finished
  • Article must follow rules relating to formatting as well as having a good amount of information and acceptable spelling and grammar
  • Article must display at least one good quality image of or directly relating to the topic of the article
  • Article must be complete and lack no information that needs to be added later

Does anyone disagree with these proposed rules? My user pageMy talk page

When did the rules become official?

Nobody has responded to the previous section and yet somehow the rules became official, with a few changes, too. We need to discuss these things before we just go ahead and do them our own way! I personally don't agree with the rule that an image or article cannot be nominated by its creator. My user pageMy talk page

The reason why users cannot nominate their own article/image is, for example, it is not a high-quality article/image yet the creator feels it is good anyway. In general, it is more work for users to oppose the article than it is if the article was never allowed to be nominated anyway. I suppose we should've done a consensus on these rules, but we were being hasty about it and forgot... We need to remember to make group decisions before doing these kinds of things. ~PikFan23 (Admin)
Right, and I also believe that users can use their talents (i.e. image making talents) to self-nominate themselves. As for users who don't have that image curve, they usually only vote and nominate others. I think we need to flatten that out and only let people nominate/vote for others, so that others can identify talents, not have it shoved in front of them. WraithWraith icon.pngAdmin, Bureaucrat

Bump. I believe that this discussion isn't over! WraithWraith icon.pngAdmin, Bureaucrat