Pikmin 3.9

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Pikmin 3.9
This article or section contains information pertinent to Pikmin 3.9, a fanon game created by Silverfish101.
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Pikmin 3.9
Rating Everyone (E)
Genre Action, Adventure
Platforms Unknown
Media N/A
Creator Silverfish101

Pikmin 3.9 is an action-adventure Pikmin game created by Silverfish101. It features many existing enemies, Pikmin, and multiple game modes from the canonical timeline, but also introduces several new assets as well.


Olimar returns to PNF-404 in the S.S. Cosmo to "save" Louie and collect treasures to pay for the damage done to the S.S. Dolphin, S.S. Dolphin 2, and the ship. When Charlie learns that they left Louie behind, he hitches a ride on the S.S. Cosmo to aid Olimar on his adventure. Olimar and Charlie travel through the areas collecting treasure until they rescue Louie. Only then do they realize that they ran out of fuel, Sparklium. Eventually, Olimar, Louie, and Charlie find enough Sparklium in the areas to leave and find enough treasure to repay the debt.


Game modes

  • Story Mode: the main storyline for Pikmin 3.9.
  • Mission Mode: time-limited challenges consisting of battling enemies and collecting treasures.
  • Boss Rush: a boss rush with different difficulties, including a secret one.
  • Bingo Battle: a competitive two-player mode involving bingo.





Pikmin are listed in the order discovered.

Red Pikmin are immune to fire and their attack power is 1.5x the norm.

Cyan Pikmin are immune to ice

Blue Pikmin are immune to water and can run quickly in it.

Yellow Pikmin are immune to electricity, can be thrown higher, and can dig faster.

White Pikmin are immune to poison and poison enemies that eat them. Furthermore, they have an attack power of 0.5x the norm, are incredibly fast, and have the ability to find hidden treasures.

Purple Pikmin are immune to wind and have the carrying strength of ten Pikmin. Furthermore, they have an attack power of 3x the norm.

Rock Pikmin are immune to being crushed, are unable to latch on to enemies, and can break crystals.

Orange Pikmin are immune to explosions

Winged Pikmin can fly but have an attack power of .75x the norm.

Bulbmin are immune to all elemental hazards.


  • Garden of Glory
  • Icy Caverns
  • Lazy Lagoon
  • Flooded Forest
  • Rainforest Navel
  • Arachnorb Canopy
  • Grub-dog Metropolis
  • Ravaged Rustyard
  • Hazy Heights
  • Volcanic Bay
  • Aerial Islands
  • Lunar Desert

New mechanics

Pikmin 3.9 adds weather as a new mechanic. Each day, the map will display the weather in every area, and the weather in an area can change its native wildlife or even its terrain.