Pikmin 3DS (Bluesarethebest version)

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Pikmin 3DS (Bluesarethebest version)
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin 3DS (Bluesarethebest version), a fanon game created by Bluesarethebest.
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For others games of the same name, see Pikmin 3DS.

Pikmin 3DS is an upcoming game by Bluesarethebest. It is the sequel of Pikmin 3, and it will be released on Nintendo 3DS.


When Alph, Brittany, and Charlie finished planting a pit of Velvety Dreamdrop on somebody's yard, an old woman that looked similar to Brittany, talked in their gibberish Pikmin language saying, "There are two men that want to talk to you." She said. "One second, Aunt Bea!" Brittany replied. Alph, Brittany, and Charlie were all pretty surprised to see Olimar and the President of Hocatate Freight there. Then, the screen went black. The five were walking to a ten cockpit metallic blue spaceship that had a speaker attached to it. Meet the S.S. Angler Fish!" Olimar and The President shouted. "Greetings, Koppaites!" The S.S. Angler Fish Said. "So, we need to find Louie?" Alph asked. "Yes, indeed," Olimar replied. Then as they were Landing, the ship blows up by hitting a mountain and everyone splits up.


  • Olimar: Critical attacks.
  • Alph: Speed.
  • Brittany: Whistle Range.
  • Charlie: Defense.
  • The President Of Hocotate Freight: Throwing Range.