Pikmin 4.5

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Pikmin 4.5
This article or section pertains to Pikmin 4.5, a fanon game created by Zoadra and later adopted by SwordsmachineGaming352.
Pikmin 4.5
P45 box art.png
Rating E 10+ for comic mischief
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms PC
Media Download
Publisher Nintendo
Release dates 20XX
Prequel Pikmin 4
Creator Zoadra (original creator)
SwordsmachineGaming352 (current owner; adoptee)

Pikmin 4.5, also known as Pikmin: The Arachnorb Takeover!, is a fanon game made by Zoadra and later adopted by Swordsmachine. It expands upon the events of Pikmin 4, specifically what occurs after the story ends.


Set after the events of Pikmin 4, Alph and Moss adventure together.

There is also a side story involving the Arachnorb Army finding the basement of Hero's Hideaway and exploring it to find world-ending technology and weapons. The arachnorbs make the basement their new base of operations, and continue to explore all over PNF-404, finding new places. The player takes the role of an arachnorb that is not part of the Arachnorb Army and uses mostly Rock Pikmin.