Pikmin 4: Machine World

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Pikmin 4: Machine World
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin 4: Machine World, a fanon game created by Goombawarrior.
For other versions of Pikmin 4, see Pikmin 4.
Pikmin 4: Machine World
Rating Unknown
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Unknown
Media Unknown
Release dates November of 2023
Creator Goombawarrior

Pikmin 4: Machine World is a game that will release in November of 2023. It is about the Koppaites, along with one new character, exploring PNF-404 after a terrible cataclysm happened, bringing back the age of technology. Four new Pikmin appear, and one gameplay mechanic for every leader.


Day 31: Former Crash Site

Louie wakes up in a hiding spot near the crash site of Pikmin 2. After narrowly escaping being seen from an Emperor Bulblax, Louie runs, eventually finding a Blue Pikmin, who reveals himself to talk, and says that his name is Jef. After a skippable tutorial, Louie finds some parts of Human Machinery, Hocotatian Machinery, and instructions for weird machines. He then gets an idea.

Day 1: Mary's Crash Site

Three years after the events of the prologue, the calendar resets since its a new crash and new mission.

Through sources, The Koppaites decide to go back to PNF-404 to explore more, find more food, and do other things, like visit the Pikmin. However, they get an Assistant named Mary, but decide not to tell her about Pikmin. Eventually, the Ship gets destroyed, and they crash. They all land in different areas. It cuts to Mary, who eventually some Bulborbs. She hides behind a tree and studies its behavior. Eventually, Alph appears, get's its attention after noticing Mary, then runs away. Mary chases him down, only to find a creature that she calls a "Lil' Veggie Man," however, he says that his name is Jef. He calls the Bulborb and leads it to the Water, drowning it. Jef then tells them to help find his kind. However, before it happens, Alph gets snatched up by a Swooping Snitchbug. Mary eventually finds Red Pikmin, then finds the S.S SPERO, and the Day ends.

Day 30-99: Louie Tower

After finding all Pikmin Types, you can enter the area. After a Boss Battle with a Robot Version of Olimar, Louie, and the President, you jetpack over to the top of the Tower, finding Louie. Jef reveals himself to be evil, and not only fuses the three Robotatians, but also powers the fusion. After another boss, Jef repowers Robotimar then uses him to Jet-Pack up to the clouds where Louie escaped. Louie apparently hadn't eaten in days and attempts to eat both Jef and Alph, both not working. So, he unveils his pet, the Louie Memory, a Giant Statue of a Louie head, which pilots multiple giant statues.

After the final boss, Louie gets so mad he passes out, so the Koppaites put a sticky note on his helmet reading "arrest me" and then sent him on an emergency drone to Hocotate. They grow a lot of fruit, then Koppai is saved forever and the Pikmin begin to live on Koppai.


  • Burrowing Snagret (Desolate Forest)
  • Robotimar (Battle 1) (Thermal Cave)
  • Man-at-Legs EX (Thermal Cave)
  • Smoggy Mawdad
  • Vehemoth Phosbat EX
  • Robulblax
  • The Rubber Duck Mech
  • Oasis Crawmad
  • Frozen Bulblax
  • Arachode Mother
  • Long Water Dumple
  • Robotimar (Battle 2) (Louie Tower Outskirts)
  • H.O.T (Louie Tower)
  • Louie Memory (Cloudy Skylands)



Red Pikmin

+ Fire immunity
+ Slightly strong
- Slightly heavy

Blue Pikmin

+ Water immunity
+ Can breathe under water and rescue drowning Pikmin
- Slightly weak

Yellow Pikmin

+ Immunity to electricity
+ Slightly light
- Slightly slow

Purple Pikmin

+ Carrying strength is five units
+ Panic immunity
- Large
- Heavy
- Slow

White Pikmin

+ Poisonous
+ Poison immunity
+ Light
+ Fast
- Spreads acid upon death, killing all nearby Pikmin except White Pikmin on contact

Rock Pikmin

+ Slightly strong
+ Can break crystals and ice
+ Blunt force immunity
- Large
- Slightly slow
- Can't latch onto enemies or hang onto objects

Winged Pikmin

+ Can fly over enemies, obstacles, and water
- Weak


Orange Pikmin

+ Immune to all physical damage
- Dies instantly from fire and water
- Very slow
- Very heavy, with poor throw height

Green Pikmin

+ Takes longer for enemies to shake off
+ Can climb
- Extremely prone to panic
- Weak
- Slightly less stamina

Black Pikmin

+ Produces a faint glow
  • Five or more create a decent light source
  • Light intensifies with the amount of Black Pikmin present together
+ Immune to night terrors
+ Can cure Pikmin of night terrors
- Slightly weak
- Can't do anything while providing light; must be whistled

Cyan Pikmin

+ Immune to ice
+ Digs faster in snow
+ Can warm nearby frozen Pikmin


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The game has a lot of Hazards which can mess with your squad. However, every type has a different Pikmin that is immune to it. These are listed from danger level.


Fire is, to put it simply, Fire! It acts the same as other games, making Pikmin Panic. In the other games, there was nothing to do about Fire in the area or with an enemy was to turn it off with an outside source or killing the enemy that uses fire(obviously with Red Pikmin), but in Pikmin 4, you can use Captain Charlie's Smother command when you have 10+(depends on the size of the fire) Red Pikmin to temporarily disable the fire, allowing other Pikmin to attack/go through.


Electricity is a bit more complicated. There are 2 types of electricity, Stun Electricity, and Power Electricity. Stun Electricity simply stuns any pikmin, causing them to Panic for a few seconds before simple falling to the ground from paralysis. They then stay this way until they are whistled. Power Electricity will have the Pikmin begin to panic, before after a while(same amount as a pikmin on fire) the pikmin will die of electricity. However, they can still be calmed with a Whistle. Using Captain Charlie's Conduct command, Nearby Yellow Pikmin will absorb electricity.


The hazard with the most of it. Pikmin will drown in it, but Blue Pikmin will save them quickly. Using the Boat command, Blue Pikmin will give non-Blue Pikmin a ride on them. However, they cannot destroy the water.


These gas clouds are plentiful in certain areas of the Game. White Pikmin can destroy these, gaining a flower from doing it, and, when given the Absorb command from Charlie, White Pikmin will not only destroy a poison source and gain a flower, they also get a temporary Super Spicy Spray effect(yes, they basically get high) but it only lasts for 10 seconds.


Freezes Pikmin. This will keep pikmin frozen, and they eventually die. However, they can't be whistled out, and instead need the Cuddle Command with Cyan Pikmin. This warms the Pikmin so they can leave their block of Ice.


This is simply caused by an intimidating threat, such as a boss roaring or certain enemy attacks. Purple Pikmin, with their ALMIGHTY BRAVERY can't get Panic Attacks, so they can help out with the others using the command Calm. This causes the Purple Pikmin to calm the others down with an inspirational speech, also giving them a temporary Super Spicy Spray effect. Pikmin can't die from this, but if you don't whistle them, they can get eaten by not running from enemies.

Night Terrors

The most dangerous Hazard. This is what happens when a Pikmin is in the pitch black of Nighttime. This causes Pikmin to Panic, as they know of the beasts that lurk at night. These monsters are so terrifying, even Purple Pikmin are hit by these. Not even your whistle can calm them from these beasts. However, using the Light Up command, 5 or more Black Pikmin(which are Immune to Night Terrors) will create a light source big enough to calm the Pikmin down. The more Pikmin, the bigger the Light Source.

Captain-Specific Gimmicks

Mary: Titan Pikmin

In every Area, there is a special object called a Giga Candypop Bud, which releases Pollen. The 3 OG Koppaites are all allergic to this Pollen, but Mary, however, is unaffected, allowing her to walk into Pollen Clouds and throw in Pikmin. Throwing in 20 Pikmin of the Same Type will turn them into 1 Titan Pikmin(also the same type of course) that will be controlled by Mary. This Pikmin will have a Kick, Punch, and Headbutt, but will gradually lose HP from any action. This can be used to take care of enemies that are too tough for you to fight. However, once they run out of HP, they burst into the 20 Pikmin used to make it, which are instantly knocked over. Titan Pikmin are not able to enter Boss Rooms.

During the Final Battle, in the end of the First Phase, A Titan(Red) Pikmin fights the Statue, allowing you to take down the head.

Brittany: Baby Pikmin

After fighting the Burrowing Snagret, Brittany discovers that there are no Yellow Pikmin, and that they somehow turned to their juvenile state that appears before they are ejected from the Onion. These blobby Pikmin cannot do anything, and when thrown at a certain element(ex: Fire, Water), they will turn into a Pikmin that corresponds with them. If certain enemies(EX: Dwarf Bulborbs, Bulborbs) are attacked by Baby Pikmin, if they are at a certain percent of HP(Small Enemy: 25%, Medium Enemy: 10%, Large Enemy: 3%) they will be captured by the Baby Pikmin and for about 10 seconds, will attack surrounding enemies or clear out certain paths.

Only Brittany can throw them, as they are kept in a Vacuum Backpack that only Brittany has, originally for cleaning up anything valuable.

During the Final Battle, in the end of the Second Phase, all of Brittany's Baby Pikmin launch themselves into the Statue's Machines, causing them to explode, allowing you to take down the head.

Charlie: Command Whistles

Charlie can change the frequency, volume, and sound of his whistle to usher commands.

  • Hazard Block Commands: Commands that allow Pikmin to take out hazards. See Hazards for the Commands
  • Dodge: Causes Charlie and his Pikmin to do a Barrel Roll
  • Charge: Just a charge attack. Happens quickly.

During the Final Battle, in the end of the Third Phase, all of Charlie's Pikmin rush the Statue, disabling its hazardous powers, allowing you to take down the head.

Alph: Pik-Crafting

Alph discovers a way to harvest the energy of Pikmin to temporarily activate special items to either interfere with the area or affect Alph and his Pikmin. This turns the used Pikmin into Baby Pikmin.

During the Final Battle, in the final phase, once it is at 1% HP, it begins to heal. However, Alph uses Pik-Crafting to use all of the Pikmin's powers to create a "Supa Bomb Rock" And destroy the Statue and its Head once and for all.