Pikmin 4: The Search for Louie

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Pikmin 4: The Search for Louie
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Pikmin 4: The Search for Louie is about Olimar finding that Louie never made it back to Hocotate (again). This time, President Sycho is too busy, so he contacts the Koppaians and get back to PNF-404 once more to get back is partner.

Storyline (cont. from above)

Along the way, they find Orange, Green, Turquoise, & Brown Pikmin, along with all other Pikmin. Data Files are everywhere, some from Louie himself. They also find stuff that can build Olimar a new ship, which Drake helps with. Fruits are needed for food, so they keep lookout for them. With his sidekick and new ship, Olimar blasts back to his own planet, and so does everyone else. The End.











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There are 4 new Pikmin which are as follows:

-Orange Pikmin (explosion-resistant)

This Pikmin is radioactive on the inside. They are also florescent, so they'll light up in dark places. On top of it, they're immune to high bursts of energy, like explosions. This does not include electricity, so they can still get shocked.P4TSfL Orange Pikmin.png

-Green Pikmin (miscellaneous)

This Pikmin type isn't anything special. Only that they have a tail! They use this nifty feature to pull out certain things from walls. Other than that, their tails are no different from any Pikmin's stem. They use them to dig and carry, so they can attack and carry with a Bomb Rock in its possession. When thrown nearby a foe, it'll attack with its tail, but latched on it, it will attack like any other Pikmin. Their strengths are normal, as with its speed.P4TSfL Green Pikmin.png

-Turquoise Pikmin

This Pikmin is really cool. Literally. It resists ice, so when an icicle drop down on it, it won't freeze. Frozen Pikmin need to be whistled, rather than needing to be broken out. Their green eyes are for doing what white Pikmin's eyes are for.P4TSfL Turquoise Pikmin.png

-"Brown Pikmin"

These Pikmin are related to Blue Pikmin, But they can go in water unhealthy and/or even toxic to Blue ones. Their outer gills have filters in them that Blue Pikmin don't have. This allows them to go in bad water with no harm. Blue Pikmin will drown in such water.P4TSfL Brown Pikmin.png